End of the year

Well, Its been a busy year, and I'm really looking forward to 2012, the last few weeks have flown by. I did manage to get some artwork to Ian & Clive at Chalco.
Ian and I had a chat while going through the designs that I emailed over to him and I can't wait to see the designs on the stamps. There are some clues in the photo below.

I would like to say a big thank you, to Dave for being patient with me, while we tried to find the font from the original design that Lynn (the better half) initially designed 20 years ago. After loads of searching, we felt it would be quicker to create the 'J' and then use an 'H' from a font that I was already using, cheers Dave It looks great.

I thought it was time that I had a plane on here, this one was my first, it will be 20 years old in March 2012.

More about this at a later date.. and the final photos are of a jewellery box that I made for a friends daughter's 21st birthday. At the time of making (again, a while ago) I wasn't taking the best of photographs, so I felt that I couldn't put the old 'snaps' on here.

Thanks must go to Rachel, for letting me have it back to photograph, I promise it will return in good shape.

The jewellery box is Purple Heart and Beech, two timbers that just would'nt normally be put together, Beech is such a utilitarian timber, and the Purple Heart is just such a show off.. anyhow.. I will do stuff like this from time to time. Its moved a little over the years, but i'll true it up, and give it a clean and polish, I hope you like it, especially the coopered lid and the corner details.

I was at college at the time, and was doing so much, that the corners 'going around the bend' suited at the time. I've got some more spin off ideas from this one, it's in the 'items to do' page of my diary...

                                                       Happy New year to you all...


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