Stamps and Dies

Today, I met the two people that will make a difference, Ian and Clive at Chalco, these guy's are great, so helpful. They showed me around their small workshop, the machines are great and a joy to see, you can see they have some years behind them, and the sound of Clives Upperfield Router is just the best.

Then a coffee, and Ian shows me just loads of samples of the work they've done. I can't stop smiling at the quality of their work. I pull out a my copy of W.L.Goodmans 'bible', that's when Ian say's "snap", they've got a copy on the side, and on one page inside, they have used some of the stamps that they have made for planemakers, not the longest list, but I did recognise a few names, just perfect, now I know that i'm in the right place with the right people..

Clive at work

 and Ian

 some of the many pictures they let me take..

So, I've got some work to do, over the next week or so i'll be in contact with them, swapping ideas, and coming up with two stamps. One, a makers stamp for the planes and another for the furniture.


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