Chapter 8. Day One..

After a good nights sleep, I woke to the normal sounds of our quite full house. To the girls, it was probably no different to any other day, but today was the start of a working life that I have wanted and wished for, for a long while. My last day a the Boat builders was not as bad as I thought it would be, I didn't get round to say bye to everyone, sorry for that. I had finished off the scanning of a deck, that they asked me to stay on for so...I may go into this at a later date? For the technical or if you're just interested, I'll go through what I've been up to for the last few weeks, just ask.

The girls started to realise during our normal routine, that Dad wasn't going to work today and there was a lovely atmosphere in general. The fight for the bathroom was just a little less fraught.

The eldest, Ellie was gone first, with just a check that I would be able to pick here up from school, "yes, no problem".

Then I could feel the atmosphere change as the rest were preparing to leave for school, hats, gloves, scarves etc. all the assorted lunch bags. I went along with Snowy (the dog) It was lovely to be with them, but I haven't felt as uneasy as this for about nine years. We all walked about 1/4 mile, then, they went their way and I went mine, Snowy and I went one of the normal walks, round the block then home.

Clive (Lynn's dad) was here when we left, so I put Snowy indoors and started by going through the copies of the plans for the extension. Just to check that I did want this drain here and that one over there. All was going well. I have offered Clive a cup of tea a number of times, but, not true to the typical builder, he hasn't taken me up on the offer yet. But it's a different story when Chloe comes home, it's the first thing she does for Grandad.

I went in and got on with tidying up all of the paperwork, payslips, redundancy stuff,  that I had acquired over the last few weeks. Mid morning, about time for a cup of tea, I'm out side, with Clive, when the Building Inspector paid a visit, this is the first time that I'm around when this is going on. No problems, Clive's got it all under control. I'm trying to just let them get on with it, at work, at various times, I would have been in each position, either the guy doing the work or the guy checking to make sure that it's all going the right way, and best practise or regulations are followed.

I had to go to the dentist. I returned to the pile of my old note books and boat show catalogues, I just had too put them all in order and have set them all to one side ready to be boxed up. I had gone through most of them to ensure that I had the contact details of friends and colleagues that I'd made notes of during my last few days.

Later in the day, a delivery of concrete,the second one to date, it's going well, it's great to be around. This will be my workshop, and more room for the girls. It looks narrow on these photos, but it'll be okay it's still going to be wider than my shed.

Looking towards the lane, note that the neighbours pipework is replaced as well,
this would save any issues later..

Alan came to help Clive

I've managed to get another couple of coats of French Polish onto Rachel's Jewellery box, it's building up slowly, I don't want to rush it, and the temperatures got to be just right.

Here's a photo of it before polishing. I had to strip off the polish and true-up the ends. Oh, by the way, 'Bisho', the radios been on in the background most of the day...

Later, I picked Ellie up from school, went to the library, found a cool book on setting out a woodworking workshop.. Thought I'd have a look through, it's bound to help. Waited for the rest of the family to meet up with us, decided to meet them around at the other school, Lynn and the younger ones were at the opening of the new school library. Then back up to the local library. I hope going through this book, then returning it, will help me when I'm trying to position the equipment in the workshop. The guy's over the pond just have so much room, if you see this book, at least have a look through it, if you can..get it, some of the workshops are fantastic.

 ..well worth looking at..

Here is a taster of some of the work I have done,
once I've worked out how to do the gallery, I'll put all of the shots of this table, if you're interested please comment...and I'll spend some more time trying to sort it out...

Here are some photos of what's going on.

This is the back of the house

The garden has become storage space

These are the old soil pipes that came out, useless.

Blocks prepared for tomorrow

...and this little beauty has started life right next to the skip...

Life's good. There may be no money coming in for a while, but this is going to be great.

oh..and if you're wandering why chapter 8, while I was in the Dentists waiting room I broke my life up into chapters.. Welcome to Chapter 8


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