Monday 23 January,

One of those very rare days, after Lynn and I took the girls to school and walking Snowy around the block (just the two of us, that's the rare bit). We headed off to the NEC again, as I've mentioned before it's only 20 minutes up the motorway. This week, it was to the Interiors UK show. It covered five of the largest halls on site, and was only for trade, (so no children). This meant that Lynn and I could wonder around all day soaking in the different styles of home interiors on show. There were very large stands, with sales men selling large quantities of sofa's and beds. some of the stands are set out like the lower floors of large contemporary homes, whilst others are full of stock on show.

display settings on the stands, not sure about this one, a lot of grey...

In the other halls the stands were smaller and they provided all the accessories that you could imagine, for all the different styles of rooms for Interior Designers to chose from. it gave us some ideas for our living room, we think we may eventually get a larger size two seater sofa, that will seat three people. Our problem is the living room is long, and narrow, and there are at least six of us at any one time. So in creating a warm, safe atmosphere to this room without filling it with armchairs and it feeling like an old peoples home is going to be tricky.

The highlight of the day for Lynn was a seminar by the TV host of a home re-modelling show,
George Clarke, a professional architect who transforms peoples homes and lives by altering their house, into the home they require. I just loved the fact that while he was showing us what he had done to his home, and the way he had change it to suit their family, some of the ideas, were what I had stipulated to our architect, and others, like the way he has fitted a window in a wall between his loft ensuite and the corridor, we will have a similar lack of light issue on our landing, so as he went through this, Lynn and I just looked at each other and smiled. We'll do that. It's no extra cost really. The existing window would have been blocked up, but now we will make the top 12" (300mm) into a window allowing light onto the landing. George did a great job of keeping it fun with the factual stuff added here and there, it was like having our own version of his TV show, brilliant.

This is inside the Seminar Theatre, we had to sit on the floor,
right at the front, it was packed out.

George Clarke, taking questions at the end of the seminar
Strange thing was, out of 100 seats, there was only about a dozen men in there...
thanks George.

Tuesday 24 January.

 Clive and I had cleared some more of the rubble away and tidied the site, then he called the yard for some hardcore, it was here within the hour 
on the old part of the did make it easy to shovel into the barrow

4 Tons of hardcore and 1 ton of stuff that makes concrete when mixed with cement?
 We spent that day, wheel barrowing the hardcore around the back and sides, and making the whole area a bit tidier.

This was Wednesday morning, hardcore all set to the right height around the back of the kitchen, all of that, I carried in a bucket, because it was too narrow for the wheel barrow.

The next morning we checked through the drawings and double checked the positions of the soil pipes, Clive was fitting the 'Y' piece for the new bathroom and ensuite

My job was to re-route all of this lot,
Clive cut the old cast soil pipe and put a connector in for me,
cheers Clive

The next day another delivery..

2 tons of hardcore, and 1 of aggregate..

We had another visit from Paul, (Thanks to Aunty Lou for the planes, I'll put it on here on Sunday)

It looks a bit mad but it will work, and the more we can keep the area dry, the better..
the old cast pipework that has come out, I think I will see what it goes for on Ebay, the proceeds can go towards a whetstone grinder I've had my eyes on for the last few days... 

Friday, we set out, checked and again double checked the position of this wall, this will be the back of the workshop. I've just realised that the soil pipe (with the black 90 degree on it) going into the wall could be lowered and under ground, this would remove it from the workshop wall and make it easier in the toilet under the stairs.

I had just pumped some of the lying water away, when it started to rain.. typical

When I wasn't doing anything for Clive, I had been clearing some of the old garage concrete base that was under the paving at the back of the old sectional garage. Clive had done some aswell, when I was doing a cup of tea for the visitors. By the way, it was good to see my brother Stuart, haven't seen him for a while, thanks for stopping by Stu.

looking towards the road

So, now I can see where the shower tray will fit, and I'm wondering if it all measures to what I've set out on the plans, the tools and things on this photo are where walls and units will go and I'm happy after spending 20 minutes or so checking everthing fits, and it does, brilliant.

Another lump of concrete that I dug out..

This shows the gap between our outside blockwork and next door, I had to fill all of this in with concrete, but this time with it tappering from the back to the front of the house, that way I can clear any debris by pushing from behind what will be the extra room (shed, or summer house)

I think I can keep taking photos from this same point over the next few weeks..hopefully


Kevin Brehon said…
Wow, that is a lot of work to take on your self (even with help from friends). I'll be interested to see the brick work, it is very rare here.
Jamie said…
Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your comment, you are the first, I hope I get this right.
Clive is my father-in -law and a very experienced builder, I'm just the apprentice and labourer for a while. I don't know if you have read through the blog, but I have been made redundant and had already commited to the funds of this extension. So I just have to do as much of it as possible to keep the costs down, whilst trying to set up a buisness of my own.

thanks for the interest, keep stopping by, I need to update the blog every other day really to keep up with the workload.

thank you Jamie

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