Sunday, lovely sunday...

Today started really frosty, and Lynn and I had promised to take the girls swimming. I had to scrape the windows of the car and walk the dog, then off we went, It's one of those things that for me, I think I have too, it will be cold and too many people there, and this and, that.. but it was great. The girls loved it, the wave machine and the rapids were cool and they all loved the slides (flumes)...we were all really glad we went.

this little beauty was sitting on our fence, come on Auntie Lou what is it?
I think it's a camouflaged blackbird...

After breakfast, and a quick look through the Sunday papers, and I'm getting ready to go and meet Alan and Clive. Alan and I are going on a road trip in Clive's van. A 20 minute road trip to get...A pillar drill.

This is it, An Elliott Progress No.2G bench Pillar Drill, on a home made stand.

The top pulley cover is home made, it should be a rounded Art Deco styled cover, but I will sort that out.

It is 240 volt, 3/4hp and is really quiet.. lovely
It will need a fair bit of tidying up, and give the electrics a check over, notice the Bakelite switch

This thing is very, very heavy, but I'm not so sure about the home made stand...

This is the box that Paul bought over on Wednesday, and I thought I knew what it was straight away, to the woodworkers and plane collectors out there, you know what it is too..

A Sheffield made No 4, and the price was written on the top..49/6
that's 49 shillings and sixpence, about £2.51, so it's pre 1970
Thats $3.94 USD or 119.69 Rubbles, I think..

With a couple of surprises inside, a small Rabbet plane and the instruction sheet as well.. cool eh

on closer inspection, the varnish on wooden parts is crazing, the rear tote or handle is split, other than that just a bit of surface rust to remove..

the instruction sheet, both sides, is this art work 60's ..70's ?
If someone out there knows anything about the date, or who did this, I would really love to know.. thank you

If you know the illustrator, or of them, please.. let me know, this is seriously cool
I wonder if this guy has a name?

Lucy told us all,.... that it looked like me .. thanks Lu


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