Another hole...

So, the back of the house, as far as the footings go are looking good. Clive turns up, and say's "we'll dig the front footings out today". I took a couple of photo's before we started, I think Clive's getting used to me just getting the camera out of my pocket and taking photographs of just about anything that is about to change or going to in the next few minutes..

so here's the front that we are about to dig out..

We were digging from 9am to about 12, and the day was the hotest so far this year, it was just like a summers day, by midday it measured 21 degrees in the shade outside the front
for this time of year...That's Hot

I found this frog in the drain outside the back, he couldn't have been there long because the drains were covered up earlier, it wasn't long before he was jumping around the back garden.

Snowy's enjoying the sun too, I tied her lead to the spade handle, if I didn't she would 'do a runner' especially if the postman was around, daft you can see the hole is done..

so.. we now wait for the building inspector to come and check the hole before we can start filling it with concrete. These bricks are off the wall around the front of the house and garden, chipping the old mortar off these capping bricks keeps me busy for a while, every now and then, I do a few ..another 15 done, it's so  good to be out in the sun..

life's good


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