Braving the cold..

Monday 30th January,

Today, Lynn and I took the opportunity of getting some of the girls birthday presents out of the way, a trip to the local shopping centre, it made things easier, some bits and pieces from local shops were already done, but now it was time to hit the 'Big One'. It went pretty well. got most of the things that the girls had put on their lists. After a couple of hours we needed a break.

a coffee and this .. jammy dodgers cheesecake..and it was really nice..

We got home to find Clive had sorted out some more shuttering and concrete.

Tuesday 31st January,

Blimey, -4 degrees outside, Lynn and I cleared out the small cloakroom we have below the stairs. We have been using it as storage space for the last few years due to the leaking toilet and pipework. If you read my last post, you will have seen, below one of the pictures, that I had spotted a soil pipe outlet that goes into the garage, and needs to be moved before we get too far with the garage floor. So we are now looking into small toilets and sinks to get this part of the build sorted out. And, while I was emptying the cupboard under the sink I found a piece of art deco china, we had put in the cupboard, in a safe place and since forgotten, it was like finding a Ten Pound note in a jacket pocket... no it doesn't happen to me that much either.

very dated..and cold, no heating

this is all coming out, and new going back in its place,
hopefully without all of the pipework on show

I did manage to make some progress with the end of  the garage concrete base, (see previous post) I broke through it, the old chain gang style, with just a sledge hammer, it got the old ticker going a bit, and warmed me up a treat.

this is the before

Wednesday 1st February

Not as cold today, a bit of dental treatment for me, home and the area had warmed up by mid day, Clive came and dug out some more from behind the kitchen, I managed to completely remove the concrete, a good day.

and this is the after..all the rubble on the right was  from the old concrete base


After a cool walk to school, I took Snowy a walk around the block, one of my girls left me a nice job to do, thanks, I last fixed this on Tuesday of this week. I spent about another hour sorting out the knots in this chain.

The cold weather is stopping the work outside for the time being, but some good news, Ian and Clive from Chalco have sent my first stamp, I will be trying it out this weekend on some different timbers to see the results...
Just opening the parcel was lovely, and I'm really impressed with the quality of the work done by Ian and Clive. It is the best feeling, of holding something that has been designed a long while ago and made in quite a short time, by hand...fantastic


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