Laying concrete down..Plaque continued

Early start today, I had a couple of things to sort out in the town this morning, and as I was going there was another delivery from the building suppliers. I got back to find Clive had got all of the Polythene down around the back, and started mixing and filling in..

and he had some work for me too...helping with the steelwork, drilling into the old wall and fitting steels into the wet concrete

after the steels were fitted, another 50-60mm of concrete went over the top of this, and I tried to keep it all to the right height and level..

So, Clive carried on with the concreting, I was just going to be in the way..I needed to get on the with the plaque. Into the workshop, I started to tidy up the background, but the gouge I was using needed sharpening

this is my old bench grinder, I had to give it a bit of a clean before getting started..
I only cleaned to left hand side, and I think I really should replace both.

I used this stuff for cleaning the guards on the grinder, it works really well and gives a great finish to Perspex and Acrylic. I bought it when I was in Cannes commissioning a new boat, and had to repair part of a flyscreen, the only problem is I can't find it over here..just found some on Amazon £13.00 for 8oz. it is for marine use, so that would double the price...

this is achieved free hand off the grinder

a quick rub over a slip stone..

but a little more time over the leather..the leather is quiet old now,
I rubbed jewellers rouge and Vaseline into it, a minute or two is all it needs

Here I am carving the background, the piece of leather, is both to protect the work from me, and my hands from the sharp edges of some of the letters, it works well, stops me slipping, it actually works better with the suede side down..

and this is the effect I'm after, a textured finish all over, I'll clean up around each letter later..

this is after I had finished..

and this was what Clive was doing while I was carving.


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