More wheel barrowing....

A few days ago this was early morning. Clive and I were discussing the workload for the day, the plan was to remove the fence panel. I was to cut it down to the new size, while Clive was going  to cut the wall away and start to get the footings in around that corner.

Firstly, we've got to get those drain pipes out of the way..

I bought this Draper water pump to empty the water from puddles and any lying water that needed to be shifted. I can't recommend it more highly. I paid £24.04 from Amazon (free p & p), so it's not the cheap one, but when you read the comments about the cheaper ones, you can see why this one is so popular. It also comes with a set of spare splines. I've made sure that the pump is washed out with soapy water, then clean water and then oiled, just as they say on the packaging, a great pump, probably paid for itself already.

Clive's laying some bricks below the damp proof course. The pile of bricks under the fence panel, I've already cleaned up, ready to go back in to the wall. We're doing pretty good..

My other job was cutting all of the 'indents' out (without breaking any of the bricks above or below), ready to tie in the extension, as you can see in the photo, the garden wall is built up, and Clive is just pointing up the extension bricks just below the damp proof course. 

Finished for the day, we put up a sheet of ply to stop anyone falling through, then reconnected the water pipes to the drains. The fence panel is ready to go back in when the wall is done.

This was the next day, and the first time that Snowy's been in the back garden for a while, so she was going around sniffing everything...
We had nearly filled another skip of top soil, the two youngest and I, took it in terns to jump around in the skip to squash down the soil to get in as much as possible..

Clive has done the soil pipe against the outside wall, and done a better job of the connections to the services, it's starting to take shape out here..

The garden room is going to be in the part of the garden where the old garage was, we are clearing this to get it ready for me to start building the base...notice the fence panel that I cut down. Look out next week, I've got to move forward with this garden room, I have made a start on the drawings and will put them on here next week.

The photo above show the side of the house, Clive and I shifted another one and a half tons of hardcore onto these areas, the garage and utility areas. Then one and a half tons of sand onto the back as you can see..

one last thing.. 

Lynn and I spent one of the days going around all of the bathroom type stores in the area, looking for a cloakroom suite. A short toilet and a small sink, I had found one on the internet a couple of weeks ago, spent a night searching all over the web, on that night I came up with a few options. Anyhow, we came back from the day out searching around, and I wanted to know the combined depth of the toilet and sink, with the prices, and other stuff, so onto a spreadsheet it all goes, yes you guessed it, the one I found that night was the shortest combined depth and the price was under budget, so I call them up.. yes they have them in stock, I then find out that they are around the same area as Ikea on the M6, junction 9. Lynn and I had planned to go over there next week to look at something, so, we get to save on the delivery aswell. With no money coming in just yet, while I'm building the extension, this is all good.


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