Moving faster now..

Over the last couple of days, we have seen more progress. With the digging out of the footings and moving soil and concrete around, no one really sees a lot of work done in a day. Yes, the concrete floors going down has felt good, but now things will be moving up a gear.
Clive asked me to go through the drawings and check that we are happy with the position of the back door. It was originally drawn up, as a patio type sliding door system. I had come up with something slightly different a little while ago, but, after going through the measurements, and checking against what's actually in front of me, and with Clive's input, the patio door has been shortened by 100mm and moved a little closer towards the corner of the building. This will suite the the bricks and show the brickwork at it's best, the bricks are either full bricks or half bricks, and for me, that's it, there should be no quarter or three quarter bricks. It will also suit the kitchen as far as the way the end run of units will finish and a clear walkway out of the back door straight into the garden room.

here's part of the drawing, I'll round off the end of the seating, as shown. This will feel more open when looking out of the sliding doors, and that door opening out won't be happening, so no problems sorting out which side to hinge it..

The garden room, which I will be making out of all of the scrap wood from mould tool deliveries and staging from Sealine. I think I've mentioned it before, I have started drawing it up..I'll go into that at a later date.

So Clive made the temporary frame for the back door and built, and just carried on laying bricks and blocks, he's done a lot of work over the last couple of days, the last few weeks...

so, this door frame is two full bricks from the end of the building..
also, the blocks are ready to be layed..

as you can see, the kitchen is going to be quiet a bit bigger,
it will be much better for our large family..

this is taken from the front of the garage, again two full bricks width..

this is the right hand side of the garage doors, two bricks width.
The black plastic is the damp proof course, this is to stop any damp rising up into the upper brickwork..

Lynn and I have been to collect the cloakroom suite from a place called 4bathrooms.. It's over by Junction 9 of the M6, and the guy's there were really helpful. They have 3 other warehouses and showrooms around the Midlands.  We had gone over with a suite in mind, but they had a smaller toilet ( by 20mm ), and a small sink unit that Lynn liked, and we got a really good deal with the taps and waste included. Brilliant..

we're really pleased with what we've got for the money,
and will definatley go back for the other bathrooms..

just some of the bricks and blocks left on the driveway..


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