My new workshop..temporary workshop

I have a few jobs to do for friends and relatives, so in order to get these things made and somewhere for me to be getting on with the framework for the garden room. I decided to put up an old gazebo that was packed away in the corner of one of the sheds, Clo helped me put it up, which was helpful, as it started to rain just after we put the cover over the frame. Thank you Clo..

so here it is..

So my old Black and Decker workmate is under there, I have electricity in either of the sheds, so it's ready to roll.

First thing I need to do is a Mahogany Plaque for my sister, I have had a piece of Mahogany in the corner of the living room for the last few weeks, the moisture was 15% and it got down to 10%, even in our old, cold place.
We started to sort out was the wording, the font, the sizes, the positions and the Trust Logo. The first of these we did last weekend, Jackie and I kept in touch by text and emails. The questions and answers were going backwards and forwards for a while before the font, and sizes were done, the curving of the lettering etc..

on an A4 sheet, just right we think..

the layout agreed, took a while but we got there.. The capital P is for Pocklington, I had to draw their logo a few times until we got to the right size

Just setting it all out on the board, sticking to center lines, with all but the Anniversary, it's had to go slightly to the one side due to the lower part of the capital A, and the upper part of the Y being the same distance from the outside of the board. But it works, so thats how I'll do it..

finished setting out and stuck onto the Mahogany blank
I used Pritt stick to hold the paper to the wood. Then used Selotape over the whole lot, to keep it all down securely.

I will add some more latter, bye for now..

So..continuing the plaque. I took the plaque into the new workshop and set up my old Elu MOF96 router, with a small veining cutter, and proceded to cut around each of the letters.

as you can see, the paper and Selotape started to lift and get in the way of the router base, so I cut around each letter and marked with a pencil in the cut line.

this will be easier, now I can see each letter and the router will glide over the surface..

I have a different way of holding a router when doing this type of work. I find that the old Elu 96 is really good for this type of work, I bought it about 20 years ago and have only ever had to change the bushes. Elu were great, anyhow I wont show how I hold the router, it might not look that safe, but for me it gives so much more control, I am confident about doing it this way, and have done for years now.

Here, all of the letters are cut around, I leave 'walls' for suporting the router, and you can see I have removed some of them already. I've also removed some of the waste to get the shape..

it's begining to look pretty good now..


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