Snow... and art gallery

So.. The beginning of February started off alright, a bit cold but not as cold as the middle of January, but by the 5th we woke up to some snow, and that meant no building work until the ground had warmed up.

Down the side of the house..

Around the back of the kitchen, notice all of the temporary water drains..I have to keep an eye on this lot, we don't want the foundations swimming in water..

The garden used to look nice with snow on it, now it looks like what it is.. a building site.

The tree house has got some plywood protecting the staircase, it just saves it all getting so wet in the winter months, the rest of the stuff up here is stored out of the way, all of the trees in the pots are Acers, they where on the patio, the water butt was off the old sectional garage, and so on...

A couple of days later, it was starting to go

Anyhow, it was half term, all the girls were off school for the week, I had previously had a chat with the eldest, about going to the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, she's wanted to go for a while. They have one of the largest collections of Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the world. So we thought we'd go, what we didn't expect, as part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee,part of the Queens collection of Leonardo da Vinci artwork to be on show. Well it was great, we were in a queue for about half and hour, but it was brilliant, the light was a little dim in there due to the damage that it could cause, but it was seriously cool. No photographs, but we bought a brochure, which is very well done and shows all of the exhibits and a great write up by each photograph.

This is the main entrance..

Some of the photos we took are for our reference..

a detail of the photo above..

One of the highlights for Lynn and myself at the Art Gallery, when Lynn was at art college, she was trained  by Rob Perry, a brilliantly talented painter, this is one of his on show in the gallery..Rob used to paint on site, usually on top of a hill in the Black Country, from the back of his van. Lynn recalled the day's when he would tell them that the police had stopped by at 2 o'clock in the morning to see what he was up too, only to be lecturing the next day at college, cool eh...

Rob's paint box..

and some of his tools..

Lily Cole painting

We walked under the dual carrigeway and then past the Mailbox shopping Mall..

and past some of the old factories that are now peoples homes, on the canal side, back to the car park.

This area was familiar to me about thirty yaers ago, when it seems like I used to go into Birmingham every Saturday morning, now, it's changed ..a lot  but it does look good.


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