Stamps.. you can't lick this one

It has been a while since I visited Ian and Clive at Chalco and enjoyed their hospitality and the skills that they have developed over the years, and things have moved forward with our collaboration. Ian and I have had numerous conversations about the stamps, and what the wood will look like after being stamped, and that's what is important, I got a bit unsure about how things would look.
Well, Ian and I had a chat about the one stamp, after he sent some photographs over to me, anyhow a day or two later the stamp arrived, and what a beauty it is.

love it...

good impression..

The scripted J is for my relaxed christian name (or should I say 'less formal' cheers Steve) , (and it is Jamie, not James) and the artistic side of me, and the capital H is more strict, ordered, process controlled, yes, it's about the attention to detail. Lynn and I came up with the JH on a business card, with the border around it, while I was at college. The intention was a classic design, easily recognised and bold. The border on the stamp is taken from the letter head and it was going through all this and with Ian's input, that lead to this great stamp.

Ian, Clive, thank you, and I look forward to the next one. 

I would appreciate some feedback on this, what do you think?

I know that a number of you are following this blog, and I have had a number of emails to my web address, thank you for your interest.
But, I think it would be far better for all if you could use the comments link, then this way others can read what is going on and interact with like minded people, there are some fine craftsmen out there, and communication is whats keeping the crafts and skills alive.


asimpsst said…
So how long before we see John Bly stating that it is a definite Hubbard "you can tell from the relaxed J for Jamie"
Jamie said…
Hi Asimpsst,

Do you think John Bly will be around to see my furniture?, the chat that I had with Mike Melody was useful, and I'm really looking forward to getting in my workshop and getting on with some woodworking. So, do you like it? and if you are who I think you are, you know me..and I do like to relax once in a while, but give me a job to do...

cheers Jamie

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