Thank you Lynn..

A big thank you, must go to my wife Lynn, she's putting up with a lot at the moment, and supporting me through the weeks and months ahead.
When I sit and search the internet for goodies, she knows that I won't just buy any old thing, so when I saw this little gem, and then put a bid on it, (it was about £3.00) and then found that I had won it, I was chuffed. I tend to put a bid on something, as high as I see fit, then walk away while the bidding is ending, that way I won't fall into the chaos and extra spending that has happened to me when I first started using auction sites.
Anyhow, this is it, I don't know how old it is, who Two Dogs are, or where it was made, but it is cast aluminium and well made, so, it was taken off me for a few weeks until recently, then given to me by my girls as a birthday present. Brilliantly wrapped too, thanks girls..

Have you seen one like this before? Two Dogs?


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