Another one added to the Carving section 'Torso'

This is one of those carvings that I'm glad I did, but It's not my favourite... let me tell you what happened.
Ian Norbury is one of the most talented and brilliant woodcarvers I have ever met. Lynn and I went to see Ian at his studio in Cheltenham a number of years ago, and walking around the studio looking at the fabulous carvings was so inspiring. I seem to remember that the theme was Shakespearean characters and the level of detail that he gets to, is just fantastic.

So, I'm not quite sure that we actually met, I think he was within sight on occasions,
but me being me, (I used to be painfully shy, but I'm not so bad now, just, quite a shy person.)
 anyhow, back then I wouldn't have said too much, so I would have been satisfied with just seeing him in the back of the shop. I think I'm not on my own with this, some creative people are quite quiet. Anyhow, by now you should realise that this guy is in my top ten,
Wood Working Heroes...

Ian's work was just a joy to see, I'm pretty sure that I had already bought his book, a book that takes you  through the stages of the carving. Well,  it wasn't long after, when I thought that I had the right piece of timber, and that I wanted to carve something special. The timber, was one of the off cuts of seasoned English Oak that was used to build my Moms old cottage when it was renovated. So the subject had to be a good one..

..and picking it up again recently..It's growing on me again..

This is one of Ian Norburys early books

and here is the Torso..

Mine is in the Carving section..enjoy

and please, write a comment on here, let me know what you think

All the best



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