Catching up..

So.. an update to what's been going on over the last week.

Well, Clive's done really well with the block work, it goes up at a good rate

The block work across the back of the house is up to the window height,
notice the 100mm insulation, made from recycled plastic bottles,
I hope it works well...

Here is the view to the back, some of the reinforcing for the garage floor is leaning against the wall,
Lynn and I have looked into whether we would need planning permission for the garden room out the back, and all we need to keep an eye on is the height.

Here you can see the that the blocks are looking good, in the corner of the floor, you can see the soil pipe outlet. This will be the shower room floor, and will be the outlet for the shower tray, the washing machine and the utility sink waste.

Last weekend, Lynn and I had some help from the girls, the three youngest helped get bricks from the front drive, Clo put them in the wheel barrow and pushed it up to the back door, then the other two collected the bricks up and then stacked them with Lynn in the piles that you can see on the edge of the scaffolding planks, and we had to follow that with a cup of tea, even the little ones had a cup each. That was a first...

I mentioned a few weeks ago, that the soil pipe might stick up above the garage floor, well.. I spent last Friday digging out some of the soil pipes under the sand and hardcore, knocked another couple of bricks out underneath the old hole, and started to re-route the pipework lower. I had to use 15 degree bends, and all sorts of lengths of pipe to get it square through the wall and in a position that I felt was right. So... the next thing to do was work from the toilet to the new pipework. But there was another slight issue..

I now realise why this toilet is so short, half of the soil pipe will need to be burried into the wall, I'm okay with this, as a boat builder, this type of thing came up every now and then on new boats or customer supplied toilets, my main concern was not to cut through any structural timbers and especially any wires.

Yes...I had to cut into the upright in the studding, I wasn't too concerned, as on the other side of this wall, (which is unsupporting and only 4' high) a few years ago, I fixed a 12mm MDF board, as this is under the stairs and I have all sorts of things fixed to the board, so I felt it right...good job too..

So.. this is what the pipework looks like, and if you think that I have taken too much out of the wall, all I have done is have allowed for the 12mm plywood that is going onto the floorboards and for the 10mm thick floor tiles that will be under the toilet, yes...the toilet on top of the tiles. The only way to fix this little beauty is to slide it back against the wall, and I do have some boat building solutions up my sleeve, so I'm not worried about the tiles breaking.

and this is what I had to do to get the soil pipes connected from the new pipework outside, through the wall to the toilet pan connector, not much room under there, but just enough for me to turn over and climb back out in reverse .....I get all the good jobs

So here it is in place, we've saved 130mm in depth in this room.
The pipe work into the wall has given us 40mm and the shorter toilet by 90mm.
That's pretty good to me.


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