The end of a busy week...

This week has been none stop. With the delivery of the Thomas Pocklington Trust, Mahogany plaque that I donated for their 10th Anniversary. Then onto the building work. My job has been to keep Clive topped up with new bricks, blocks and old bricks that have needed to be cleaned down before using.

the progress at this end of the building is going well, the frame is not to height yet..

Here Clive is finishing off the pointing, he seems to lay two or three courses then follow with the pointing to finish off, it depends on how wet or dry the bricks are. You can see from the picture that the lower bricks are wet and the upper bricks are dry. The lack of water in the bricks absorbs the water out of the mortar, if left for too long the pointing up will be harder to do.

this corner is going well..

The next day, after ensuring Clive was set up for bricks and blocks. I have had a small piece of an old floor board in the house for a while, drying, ready to repair two of the girls beds. Every few months, someone jumps on a bed and then complains to me that their bed is broken. So today I'm sorting that little problem out. Two beds each with a broken slat.
The first job, run the timber through my little planer/ thicknesser. Only to find that the knives are really quiet dull. An hour latter I have cleaned the planer down, changed the knives, given the guides and rollers some oil and it's ready to roll. Once it's done I'm running the timber over the planer and the difference quiet considerable. I probably should have changed them a while ago, oh well it's done now. 20 minutes latter I'm fixing each of the slats to the beds and it's another job done.

This is part of my timber storage, everything under here is Pine, in sizes including 3"x2", 4"x"2, 6"x2" both sawn and some planed.

 I need to go through this timber to sort sizes and lengths, and make a note of it all. Hopefully this timber will be enough to make a garden room for us. It took a while to do, there are a lot of short lengths in amongst the pile and I had to get every size as I will be designing the building and especially the roof structure around this. Not forgetting that I'm also the rookie labourer on site, so if I'm not moving bricks I'm making the cups of tea.

These next few pictures are at the end of the Thursday, the above one shows the wall tie strips that I had to bolt onto the existing front of the house, the one on the left is ready for Clive to block up too.

Clive has set the bricks up along the back wall, and missed out bricks for the drainage from the roof..
once the new positions are sorted and the holes drilled through the brickwork will be finished off

this one is for the kitchen sink outlet..

and this is the washing machine outlet

and you can see that it's moving on now

Friday 2nd March,

What a start to the day, I walked Snowy, and as I was getting nearer the house I could here a tractor in the background. I turned to see the tractor heading up the field towards me, towing a muck spreader, I stood at the bank out the front of the house and watched, I couldn't believe the amount of steam coming from the spray, I quickly grabbed the camera and this is what I got..

a blurred photo, I'm not sure if the camera is faulty or because the girls are using it as well as me, and maybe they are adjusting the settings or something.. I don't know.

This is the third time this has happened recently, it doesn't seem to want to focus, and I have to mess around with the settings, the last thing I want to do now is buy a new camera. I use a Panasonic TZ7, It's about two and a half years old, and I love it. I've taken about 40 Gb of photos, It would be lovely to have a new camera, something that would take better close up shots, don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with the close ups that the TZ7 does, but just a bit closer would be nice.
I suppose, the a longer zoom would be really useful, the picture above was zoomed in and then backed off because I could see that it was having problems with the focus, but it does get closer than that.  anyhow.. we'll see.

there is about seventy bricks around that need cleaning up, to match the neighbours end of the kitchen, on the angled return to the main house..
I spent a couple of minutes cleaning down each brick with a wire brush

 Here's Clive building up the return onto the main house,
you can see some of the old bricks on the scaffolding..

I'm really pleased with the progress, we're up to the window level already, this is going to be a lovely long wall that we can have benches or the table and chairs against, so much better..

here you can see the corner wall is going up steadily, Clive has set up a short course of blocks, with the damp proof membrane set onto mortar, and just rested some 'third' blocks as weights to stop the wind blowing the membrane away..


louise said…
New camera eh?? Don't start on that one again!! Lol xx
Jamie said…
I know, one day eh!!

I still wouldn't know which one to buy, don't forget that I'm on a limited budget here, and I do like to have a camera with me most of the time. so what would you buy for under £350?

see you soon, thanks for the input


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