Framework going up...

The garden room base, has had a bit of time spent on it, and I'm happy with how it's working out.

The criteria here, was to use the double doors including frame, and the two window frames out of the old kitchen. The total length of these are 3600mm, the room had to fit between the back of the house and the shed, I certainly wasn't going to move the shed just to gain a bit more space. And we wanted the space between the kitchen back doors and the garden room not too close, that it felt claustrophobic, Lynn and I want to use this space for some of the kids stuff like shoes, wellingtons and wot not.

The framework around the windows and the doors had to be substantial enough, and look right with a Cedar type cladding down either side, as you can imagine I was juggling all these thoughts around and more, but we've got there.

Then, because this part of the garden doesn't get the sun, due to the high garage next door, I need to be aware of insulation and keeping the heat in this room when it is warmed up, so under the floor will be some foil backed 50mm insulation foam board.

So the first thing to be done, was to double check the postion of the base frame in relation to the house and the neighbours garage. Once that was sorted out the next thing to do was re-check all of the heights, now that the concrete had cured under the blocks, I had to slide some damp proof course membrane between the blocks and the timber, just to stop any damp rising into the joists.

The next part, was the fun interesting part. I had to fix some lath for the insulation to sit onto, it was just a case of measuring the lengths needed, cut to length and nail them on.

This is where I really should have set the 'noggins' to the lath, and just cut two batches, one short and one long. This would have offset the 'noggins' all to the same length. No problem though, I didn't loose much time...
Anyhow, I was only 5-10 mm out at the worst, I had soon got through them..When Lucy got home from school, she came to help out.

and here's Mel, having a go at nailing the short 'ends' in place

I don't think she did too bad really, for a first atempt,
I think she hit the nail about seventy times, and the timber a few times too....

Meanwhile, Clive was pressing on with cutting out for the floor joists,
to get the levels through to the new inside wall

The first of many 'I' beams to go in, painted up ready to go in tomorrow..
and I got one of the window framing parts up..

The next day...
I managed to get the back wall frame up, only temporary...
If you have read the previous post, then you know that the timber has been sorted and marked up.
Some of the timber was twisted and warped, where possible, I've put twisted on the bottom of the frame, it will have the whole weight of the frame and roof on top of it, and with it being fixed down to the 2" x 4", that should take the twist out of it. The worst warped will go into the corners, where there will be other timber to straighten it out, and then, the best straights are saved for either side of the doorways.

The cramped up timbers in the background is what I have in mind for the roof. The upright between the two cramps, is going to be windows, this will let light into the room..

Clive had got the internal and external walls done, down the side of the house. And around the back,
the three lintels, over the two kitchen windows and the doors

Not much timber left now, but should be just enough to do what I need 

The next posting will be after I have been to the David Stanley International Tool Auction,

A day that I have looking forward too for the last six months, I'll make some notes and maybe get to take the odd photo too.

Oh, by the way, The router arrived yesterday, I'm looking forward to spending some time with that one..

Have a good weekend

All the best



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