Going through the paperwork and drawings..again and again

Blimey, it's moving quick now, we have so many things on the go, the whiteboard is filling up.
After another delivery of blocks and bricks, Clive used the first pack that day, as well as getting other things done. We have also measured up for the steelwork, for this we went through the drawings a number of times to ensure that we had got it right, I even went to see the Structural Engineer. I had only spoken to him over the phone before now, and wanted to meet the man who had sorted out all of the calculations. Antony was great, in a matter of minutes we went through all of the beams and the way they all fit, I came home, sorted out the mistakes on the list and Clive sent out for quotations.

here is the delivery of bricks

the wall is progressing

the back of the garage

the back of the kitchen, nearly ready for the steelwork

Other things going on include, more of the drawing for the garden room, working out just where the garden room is going to sit, how much clearance between it and the neighbours garage,. A friend of ours wants some work done, I have to measure up and price for the job. The cloakroom is slowly being stripped of the horrid Artex finish.

I thought that I would add this bark edged vessel to the Miscellaneous section, it's a fair few years ago that I turned it, and it was one of those things that once started, I had to finish it..

Take a look and read through the reason why I had to finish turning this beautiful piece of wood

all the best



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