Good morning..

Thursday 15th March

It's a really foggy day here, I walked the girls halfway to school, myself, Lynn and Snowy, and worked my way back to the house, through the lanes. We really do have some lovely trees and interesting natural stone around here. There's a walkway at the back of a small group of houses and the path is about 6ft lower than the field to one side and the fences of the houses at the other. The bank, on either side is Sandstone, but growing between the sandstone layers are all sorts of trees, I only recognise the Oak and Sycamore from the bark, there is a lot of Hawthorn around as well. But it's the way that the roots are following the seams of the sandstone, some go down, and just stop, and some others have got larger and fade back into the stone. Whereas others have large 'lumps' at the bottom, it's great stuff really, and reasonably quiet, it can only take two minutes to walk through this part, but this morning it took Snowy and myself about ten, I don't know who was worse, me stopping to look at a particular root structure or Snowy sniffing around, anyhow it was a good walk, and makes me think about the pace of life, I've walked down here only a handful of times before, but lately a lot more often, and with more appreciation..the pace of life eh..

I have a lot going on here, but it really does pay to slow down, every now and then, and just think about something different for a while... it was only a few minutes more..

So, yesterday was one of those day's that you look back on and think 'what have I done' but due to the fact that I photograph just about everything and anything, I have the luxury of going through them and then it starts to make sense...

These arrived from, found them on 'that' auction site £29.99 plus free p&p, for 115 drills... to which I thought, 'give them a go'..
At around 33 pence each, it will be useful to have all of those different sizes

I'll let you know how good they are at a later date, for the keen eyed people out there, number 56 is missing, not really missing, but it was broken, I have emailed Toolandfix to ask for a replacement..
I'll let you know...

I had spent a couple of hours in the cloakroom, demolishing the arch
Above the arch is a concrete lintel, it only projected down 65mm or so,
I'll do something in here that will fit in with the surroundings... 

I then spent a couple of hours outside, sorting blocks out that Clive said I could use under the garden room, there only seemed to be half a dozen of them, when I'd finished I had found 22, that's a third of what I need. After tidying up around the site, I then thought that I would get a couple more of the blue capping bricks cleaned up, ready to be put on top of the front wall, after doing over a dozen of those, then it was time for me to go inside, tidy up the cloakroom, and a new post on here.
Not a chance, just as I got in the house and my boots off, Clive comes round to do some more bricks, and I need to get the soil under the garden shed, tidied up to take the concrete and the reinforcing that will go inside. This is better for me really, because I know that with Clive around I'll have the job done properly, I just have to ask..

So here it is, I cable tied the three parts together just to stop it moving around,
and on the right you can see I've cut a bit more out of the soil, now I have some drawings of the room and a list of all of the spare timber, the original width was going to be 2.4 metres, I've also re-read through the planning restrictions, the timber I was going to use for the floor is now going into the roof, so we can go just a little wider.. only a bit

Clive was going to work in this corner today, I had a bit of a tidy up around here,
just after I took this photo..

He got it done, and into the indents, I must say it looks pretty good from the neighbours side, yes, the bricks aren't the same colour yet, but they are the same bricks, so give it time...

I also got this little job started, see that brick on the bottom, well, that was just off the soil pipe underneath, so I had to put it in place, then go into the house under the floor and push it up and against the floor, put as much mortar around it as I could and then leave it. The piece of wood was holding it in the right place, so that is going to stay there for the next day or so,
it took a bit longer than I thought...but it's started

The next time I have some more carving to show..

All the best



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