Roots and building catch up..

If you followed my post from last week, I went up the lane and took a couple of pictures for you to see.
See my post from 15th March. Good Morning  enjoy...

I think this is the best one, just the way the roots are taking advantage of the gap in the stone,
or have they created the gap? 

This is the Oak tree, good isn't it..

So, Clive has been busy getting more bricks and blocks up, since my last post, with Clive mixing the concrete, I had a go at getting some of the mixed concrete onto the bank, just beneath my shed.

and in between mixing concrete for me, Clive was building this wall up, starting with the damp proof course, a course of engineering bricks and then onto the blocks, done to get the blocks on the same level inside and out, that way the insulation will fit properly, and the wall ties will be level.

The middle area of the bank, is a little deeper, so as I was working the concrete, it was falling down the bank.It was much more trickier than I thought, I was pushing into the bank and sweeping the float up and over towards the top timber, this will be alright as a first coat, I'll skim over it at a later date.

I also filled these little holes in, the upper one was the old soil pipe outlet,
and the new outlet is below.

I had to take some time out from the building work after this, I had been training the night before and was a little the worse for ware, so I took some time to polish a couple more items up for photographing.

The first is a candle sconce, it was made as a test piece for the steam bending process, and has spent many a year in the bathroom on the wall above the bath, lit on those nights when someone wants to relax. It will go into the garden room when that is done.

The second, a cook book stand, was made for our old house, to match the paintwork in the kitchen and hold Lynn's cookery books, for me it was a bit of fun, making the hinge, cutting the squares out. Then finishing it in the same colour as our striped kitchen.

You can find the photographs of these items in the new Miscellaneous section.



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