Up another level...

So, I had left it nearly a week between the last two postings, there is such a lot going on here, and now we're above a comfortable height to work at, so, Clive started to get the scaffolding up.

Here's what's going on...

You can see that the kitchen wall is up to 1st floor height
and the back door is waiting for the 'I' beam

Timber store

The timber under the blue cover is the old stuff, this will used on the roof frames, the lath to the right of that, is to frame inside the joists to take the 50mm foil backed insulation.
The timber in the fore ground is new 2" x 4", this is Tanalised timber for the garden room floor joists. The 2" x 3" is for the walls, and they will be clad inside and out.

If you clicked on the pictures to see the large picture, you might have noticed the writing on the end of the 3" x 2", I have a code system for the condition of the timber. S for straight, C for curved or Bowed, and T for twisted. The + is used for the extreme, this makes life easier for me to choose the right timber for the job and I only have to sort once.

I'm just going through what timber to use on the outside of the garden room, I would really like to use Western Red Cedar, but cost might prevent me from doing so, I'll work out the options and use what is right for the time.

I used some of the concrete blocks, set out in the correct positions to support the floor frame. There will be 30 blocks in all, and there will be support under every joint, with damp proofing between the timber and the blocks to stop any rot.

The end of the day, frame made and blocks level set on concrete. The floor level will be around 55mm lower than the kitchen floor, I'm caught between the floors being the same height and the fact that the higher that the garden room is, the less the sunlight will get to the patio area.

I've also made the leap and bought a new large router, I've only been looking for about six months, and have opted for the Hitachi M12ve, nothing too fancy, a good steady workhorse. I managed to get it new for a really good price, I wouldn't buy one second hand, especially off the Internet, you never know exactly what you are getting, so when it arrives, I'll put a bit about it on here, there are plenty of jobs stacking up ready to use it on.

All the best


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