So much going on...busy, busy, busy

I have been helping Alan put the roof trusses in place and set them, the Olympic torch is going well and will update soon. I am in the middle of restoring, what I thought was a Spanish bed, and has turned out to be from Honduras.

I'd rather be busy...

The first part of this week has been really hot here, just a bit too hot being on the roof. Monday, Alan and I started by setting the positions of the trusses over what will be our room (Lynn and myself, not Alan and me). This is a first fix carpentry or roofers job normally, so as a woodworker I'm looking forward to it, but I don't know all of the regulations and tricks of the trade. Whereas Alan has done quiet a few of these over the years.

Here the trusses are resting on the wall plate

The setting out was quiet simple really, decided how much overhang you want, allow for the ladders, in this case 425mm, then set the first truss. Position the furthest truss to the drawing dimension, then divide the others out equally. Ensure that they are all under 600mm. Then nail in place, lots of bracing, Alan knows what he's doing here, I was taking old tiles out of the way and helping get timber up and cutting whatever he wanted. Then lots of nailing the ties into the wall plate, good fun.

Here I am with the trusses fixed in place

 More bracing timber going up..

The days after that, we got the main roof trusses up as well as removing the main outer gable wall to just below the trusses, this will save having to put lintels above later and give an extra 150mm (6") inside the front bedroom, family bathroom and our en suite.

Clive built up the walls to the roof

more later...

The Olympic through the page when I've put it on here, which I think I'll do sooner rather than later... the first one, I've just shaped the outside tonight and the other one I've just sprayed the inside and It'll go together soon...

Keep checking back about the torch, not long now...

Here's a preview, and it's mostly wood

The bed is a job that I don't think anyone else wants to

I'll put it into the restoration page later.

thanks for looking

All the best



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