Update of things going on...

It's been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

The girls have been working hard over the last 3 months rehearsing dances for a performance in London. They have done extra lessons and fund raising to help keep the cost down for the whole group, and all the hard work payed off, as on the Sunday of the Jubilee weekend we went and watched them dance on the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre in the West End. They spent the day rehearsing while we took in some of the atmosphere and sights London had to offer that day. The rain held off until the last couple of hours before we could get into the theatre, so we stood under Admiralty Arch and snacked on some food we had. Then for the last hour we found a pub just around the corner from the Haymarket, where they had the River Pageant on the Large TV screens, the atmosphere was brilliant and when the national anthem was played everyone was singing along, just great..
Then into the theatre for the show, a number of dance schools performed that night and I have to say they all did a great job. Lynn and I loved it, and so did the coach load that came along to watch their children too.

Her Majesty's Theatre..a great place, the girls loved it

This was as close as we got to the river, but the atmosphere was great
glad we were there...

Well done to all of the girls that performed, you were all brilliant..

The weekend before that was a busy one too, the girls had rehearsals on the Saturday, then on the Sunday, for a total change to the build up of London. We went along to MAC Timbers open day. It took us just under 2 hours to get there, but when we got there the sun was shining, the location is superb. It was near Peterborough, but like being in the middle of the Cotswolds. We enjoyed the demonstrations by Mike and the turners, one making am offset bowl while another was making small trinket boxes with screw on lids. The girls went for a walk while I had chance to catch up with Bill and Sarah Carter, as well as Tim Smith and Richard Arnold and others, the coffee and cakes were well stocked up and tasted lovely. The girls had a name plaque each from the woman doing Pyrography, while I enjoyed the stocks of timber, then a steady drive home.

Mike using the mill for cutting an English Walnut log

The result was a wonderfully coloured and very wet plank

What a great setting for a wood store

Mike explaining how the drying process works

Between those two weekends, I was at Stuarts, Advanced Pipeline Supplies, replacing the fire exit frame and door, a job he needed doing and booked me in to do it.

cheers Stu.

Then another job for the guy's at Spektrum. A Volkswagen T2 Bay window camper had come in to have the interior sorted out after it had been broken into and vandalised. Mark and I had gone through the van and discussed what was going to be done to get it into good order, the damage wasn't too bad, but the repairs that I needed to do were on surfaces that were damaged from the sunlight and heat.

See more of this in the Campers section..

I'll put some photos of the house on this week.

and let you know about the Olympic torch prop that I'm making...

All the best



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