More Olympic torch..

I've had a brilliant day today, Catshill First school called me and asked if I would take the torch in to show the children and staff, this had already been discussed, but not certain. I had thought it would be even better to take the second one in as well, as it's half way through and with the patterns made I would be able to show the method of manufacture. I was in a garage when they called, sorting out the second coat of paint on the Elliot Progress No 2 drill press. And just about to take the lid off the tin of paint. 20 minutes I said, and I'll be there.

here's the drill, ready for its second coat.
A quick trip back home, grab the torch and parts, changed out of my scruffs, and got there in the time.

The office staff were great, and Laura showed me into the reception class, where I was introduced to the teacher and the children. Away I went, telling the children how it all started, and by have the patterns with me, It made it so much easier to tell the build story. Their little faces were engaged in what was going on, some thought that it was the real Olympic torch and couldn't believe it made from wood, others listened and then when they started asking questions, some of them were really good for 4-5 year olds, they were great.

and these are the parts that I showed to the children and staff

After the reception class I went into year One and then year Two. Year one was very similar to the reception class, but year 2 had my Melody in there, and some of her friends that I know, so this was a different situation. Melody smiled a lot and as I was talking I could see her friends smiling at her, they loved it for her as well as for the fact that they understood what I was explaining to them by having all sorts of bit and pieces together to help explain the build, it was really lovely and well recieved.

This was the last day of term and was something different for the children, they all had their photo taken with the torch if they wanted and lucky old Mel had me on her second pic, lucky girl...

Lastly, the local paper has done an article on the Middle School and their events from the week before last, click on this link to read through and see the photographs.

A couple of other things have come off the back of this, I'll put them on later.

Have a good weekend,

all the best



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