Before Christmas..

So I have a few jobs to do before Christmas, I'll be working on the house, and some orders.
I will be making another Olympic torch, this one is from scratch, with a more similar end shape to the real ones. I will show the build up on here, with the improved shaping and the improved method of manufacture.

The other thing that I would like to do, because I have the right type of timber around me, and two orders already. Is a number of Hobby Horses, these make the perfect Christmas present for little ones. If you haven't already seen the one I made for Ellie, then check it out in the carvings section. The one in the page is around ten years old, and they are much easier to stable than a real one, and take up less room than a rocking horse, but saying that I do have some drawings that I took from my little brothers old Victorian rocking horse, so that might be later, I really will need a fully equipped workshop for that one..

If your interested in purchasing one of the Hobby Horses then get in touch quickly as I already have orders for two. They will be completely in wood, similar to the one on the other page, and if cared for make a fabulous heir loom that can be played with for many generations. And if they do get damaged, you know where I am, I can make the repair and it back in working order.

all the best



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