Time eh...

So, it's been a while since my last posting and lots of things have been going on.

The Olympics were brilliant and the torch I had made went down a treat. So much interest that you would not believe. Enquiries from event company's, sponsors, the press and people wanting one made, especially younger ones.

I've yet to make a stand for the school, to hold their torch, I'll probably make it in the school when Lynn is there. Out of the plastics they use in Design Technology and using their equipment, again this only goes to show the students what can be made in the schools workshops.

The garden room is moving forward, but I'm spending more time building the house up, as Clive is on other jobs and I want to keep the building going forward. Like today, I'm waiting for Chris to come and trim Snowy, she's due around 10am. So I got out there early, mixed up some mortar, got three blocks on top a wall done, that finished that job off, I would have finished it the other night but I didn't want to mix any more mortar at 8pm. It's getting dark around 7pm now and I do have to think of other neighbours with young children going to bed. I have also been working on getting the floor down in the main bedroom. A bit tricky this one, the joists fit between the old roof joists, the only problem being that the old roof joists weren't bricked up in between (this explains some of the cracks that went up the outside wall from the old roof, but none below in the kitchen). I'm doing the joists two at a time, this way I can ensure that they are all level and correct, and they have to be right, as the water bed is going in the middle of this space and we don't want any issues with that!!

I have made all of the timbers up for the roof over the cooking end of the kitchen. Lovely job too, after getting the building inspector in to look at what was going on with the inclusion of Purlins. I glued and screwed 6" x 2"s together to create two 6" x 4"s, these were scrap timber that I got from the dismantling of the boat line stages at Sealine, can you believe it was all destined for the skip!! anyhow I did some dismantling for them, (in my time) and I got to keep some of the wood, a good trade I think.

But the best part was a jig I made for the birds mouth joints, it only took around 15 minutes to make, then after marking out all of the joints, using the big Hitachi M12VE 1/2in Router, and the 30mm template guide followed the 5mm oversize shape. This was so easy, and with the addition of a 1/2" radius along the top edges of the Purlins, a perfect joint. The router is fabulous, the smooth start is a real treat. I have used routers without the smooth start, and they sometimes can be a real jolt, but the Hitachi is great. So now all I have to do is get the last three joists in the bedroom in place, then start fitting all the timbers to the end of the kitchen.

Ok, so that was Tuesday.

Thursday now, Tuesday afternoon I went down to Yeovil to get a Record router table, I won on Ebay. Marcin was a great help in going through it with me. I found a couple of parts were missing, but we resolved that one when I found that he had a Drill Press vice that was going to be sold. So the deal was done and I had a three hour journey back home. So it was a late one...

I had planned on getting more of the joists in yesterday, but with the weather so nice I cracked on with the roof over the cooking end of the kitchen. The Purlins I had done square to the rafters and the birds mouth onto the wall plate was square to the wall, so I had some fun getting the timbers together, but it didn't take too long with the use of a couple of sash cramps. and still managed to get another joist sorted out in the bedroom before it got too dark to mix some mortar up. Here are some pics...

note the support under the left hand side purlin... 
The purlins fixed into the wall above the girder, and the rafters notched over the purlins
I managed to get to the school and make these small stands, using the schools strip heater
Patterned up in cardboard, transfered onto the Acrylic, cut and shaped.
Then bent and sanded soft edges to save damaging the torch.

The finished stands, Lynn and I took it back to Mr Essenhigh's office.
I hope he likes it.
He does like it, and thinks it looks great.


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