Pumpkins and Patience...

Happy Halloween..

Lynn, the girls and I have spent the last few days in Wales, just the break that we needed.

Some trips to the beach, one of which we visited just after there had been a storm, so there was loads of driftwood, and some ended up in the car, well it was either that or burnt remains on the pebbled beach.

The other, when we got there, we carried a packet of doughnuts onto the sand and as they were handed around the girls, the heavens opened and we were all not sure whether to stop and eat the sugary snack or run back to the car to get out of the rain.

Good memories... made even better with some photographs taken on a new camera. The last one took a bump and the LCD screen cracked and caved in a bit. So Lynn has bought me the new Canon sx50hs, it is so clever and great to use. I have been taking a few hundred pictures over the last couple of weeks. I've now put the software onto the laptop and been trying to whittle them down to a sensible number.

The other thing that is going on is the possibility of a workshop. We've come across a really good position in a fabulous working environment. The workshop is a little bit bigger than I wanted to go, but after going through some of the details, I now feel that it is perfect. I put the application in a couple of weeks ago and really would love to work there...so we'll see...

Fingers crossed eh...

The driftwood is now drying out in the porch, once it's all dry I will post some pics. Some will be used for displays and some for items to sell.


Here are a few pics of our Halloween Pumpkin, If the studio/unit happens, then next year in the days leading up to Halloween, I hope to be doing some pumpkin carving workshops...


Chloe and I looked on the Internet and found inspiration for this type of carving..

 Chloe carved the apple, I marked out the face and just got on with it.
Once you start you find that you can't stop, so there are not any "during" photo's..
I like his tongue.. a pumpkin seed

and this is in the dark..crikey it looks like that hurt...

Then on the other side I carved a scary tree scene..

and sitting on the corner pillar of our driveway...

Only a short post this time, but if I get the workshop then I will be posting a lot more about the build up of the shop and the work being done.

Good things comes to those that wait, but better things come to those who are patient.

More of my carvings, this time from 2014.

Scary house ..

Scary face ..

Upset stomach ..too many treats

Scary face again

all the best



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