David Bowie is

I've been going through some of my work since the last posting, looking through the pictures to see what I would put on here next. I want to put things on here that are pieces that I have either enjoyed making or relevant to what is going on around me.

David Bowie is..

Lynn and I have been listening to Bowie since before we met, and still buy the latest disc, be it on old vinyl or CD.
I can't get into downloads, I want to see something for my money and if the computer crashes I still want to be able to listen to my music..

Anyhow, on the announcement of the exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum, London) we just knew that we really wanted to go, weeks go by then we here that ticket sales have been going mad, and the exhibition is sold out . . . .

We had a reason to go into London and thought that we should find out if we could still get in. We found out that the V&A were allowing another 450 tickets for sale each day of the exhibition, on a first come first served basis. So a few weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday we were in London, and when we got there we made our way as quickly as possible to the queue, and it was a queue, the sort that made you think, blimey.. I don't think we'll get in.

We got our tickets.. yippee. Timed to go in at 2:30. So we killed a little time, in the city...

The time came, we walked into the exhibition, and the first thing you come across is a team of people setting you up with Sennheiser headphones and a little box of tricks to go around your neck. Straight away you just know that this is going to be different.

And in you go. As you walk in the sounds start running up the wires and into your head, the little box picks up on where you are standing and plays you the sounds relevant to what you are looking at, a wonderful experience. I can only describe it as to when I was younger, when I was in my teens and would get an album that I had waited for, on vinyl, headphones on, playing loud, reading the words and singing along, totally immersed in the music and the lyrics and pictures. One hundred percent of my awareness would be on that album. That was what it was like. Each part included Bowie talking, then onto the relevant song or sounds, with album sleeves, records, hand written notes, the lyrics in front of you as you here the sounds.

Totally brilliant..

Pictures, written words, and then the fashion. Boots, costumes and suits, the drawings of the complete outfits. Around the corner, a sound booth like a studio, with Bowie albums on the back wall and sounds of the rehearsals. Bowie explaining to the backing singers how he wants them to make the piece sound just right..

Just when you think that you've come to the end of the exhibition, and feel that it was a little shy of perfect..
You walk down a corridor into another space, with his Artwork, paintings and much larger items, Black and White area, attacking you senses, but in the background, over the top of the sounds coming through the headphones is much louder music, the music you would here on the radio.. then you look around you and realise that there is another space.. a much larger, huge space, with three walls as screens, huge 40, 50, 60 feet tall, not just screens with projected video of live concerts and Top of the Pops clips, but one is a see through screen with six to eight costumes behind with lights flashing, highlighting the colours and shapes..

Up the corner are more costumes, just fantastic to see so much.. all the costumes from every clip of film you've ever seen are there.. by now the headphones are off, the music is loud, .. and the whole space is like being at one of his concerts.. but without him there.. weird but wonderful, and Lynn and I have seen Bowie in concert on two occasions, both at the NEC Birmingham following the 'Outside' album. The second one was in Hall 5, with three rows of seats on either side of the hall. 5000 people standing.. a fabulous atmosphere.. and we were right at the front, just to the right, by a speaker stack, that during the concert Bowie was standing on top of them, in front of us.. amazing and that feeling is coming back to us as we stand there looking around at this amazing space. Just standing there taking it all in..

The best exhibition that I've been to and I doubt that there will be anything to match it..

We came out, after being in there for around two hours, through the shop (as with all types of events now)
There has to be merchandise..

And we had to come away with a few bits and pieces, The big orange book is worth every penny.. I had a couple of smaller items.. Pencils seem to be my thing lately..and then we had to have the orange cotton bag

It's experiences like that, that influence, what you do, and how you see things, and what you like

So I've got some ideas that I will be doing in the future, in the meantime..

I framed this up for Lynns birthday

No, not the poster you can buy for a fiver,
but the small A5 leaflet that you can pick up as you go in.. for free, 
smaller and to my mind, neater than the poster and this is a genuine advertising poster..

Duffy gift card, from the shop too

I have another couple of pieces that I'll frame up and put on here when they are finished

If you get chance to go to the exhibition, then do, well worth the effort

all the best



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