Monday, 27 February 2012

Get me on your mobile..

Hi, Just a note to say that you can now get me on your mobile phone and other devices. I have had a bit of time updating the settings on my blog, and found it was just a simple radio button, I hope you like it..

this is on my htc

looks great..

I hope it works on your device,
can someone let me know if it works on an Iphone..

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pockington Plaque finished

So, quite a busy couple of days, trying to get this plaque finished off for the presentations tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.. that's a lot of cakes...

I think at this stage I had tidied up the 10th and up to the i on the anniversary

just finished the P logo and the 2012, I'm feeling like I'm getting somewhere now...but I need to go over it all, just one last time to check for sharp edges.

I was a little concerned about what type of finish to put on this, the letters are about 6mm off the surface and didn't want to get into polishing and rubbing down between coats, as that would remove some of the detail. I had tried something before that worked well, it's a hot wax, and it worked on the sample.. brilliantly.

I drilled a 6mm hole in the back to take any type of nail that might be used for hanging..

If you've been following me for a while you will have seen this stamp,
and now it's in the middle of the back of the plaque..first one of many

I've hung it on the and got wall a good reflection on the edge,
so you can see in more detail..

and here it is, the photo does make it look a little colder than it really is..

It is a really good feeling making something completely out of the same plank/ blank, and just removing wood to create something that people will (I hope) admire, thanks for looking...