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Moving faster now..

Over the last couple of days, we have seen more progress. With the digging out of the footings and moving soil and concrete around, no one really sees a lot of work done in a day. Yes, the concrete floors going down has felt good, but now things will be moving up a gear.
Clive asked me to go through the drawings and check that we are happy with the position of the back door. It was originally drawn up, as a patio type sliding door system. I had come up with something slightly different a little while ago, but, after going through the measurements, and checking against what's actually in front of me, and with Clive's input, the patio door has been shortened by 100mm and moved a little closer towards the corner of the building. This will suite the the bricks and show the brickwork at it's best, the bricks are either full bricks or half bricks, and for me, that's it, there should be no quarter or three quarter bricks. It will also suit the kitchen as far as the way the en…

Get me on your mobile..

Hi, Just a note to say that you can now get me on your mobile phone and other devices. I have had a bit of time updating the settings on my blog, and found it was just a simple radio button, I hope you like it..

this is on my htc
looks great..
I hope it works on your device,
can someone let me know if it works on an Iphone..

Pockington Plaque finished

So, quite a busy couple of days, trying to get this plaque finished off for the presentations tomorrow, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.. that's a lot of cakes...

I think at this stage I had tidied up the 10th and up to the i on the anniversary

just finished the P logo and the 2012, I'm feeling like I'm getting somewhere now...but I need to go over it all, just one last time to check for sharp edges.
I was a little concerned about what type of finish to put on this, the letters are about 6mm off the surface and didn't want to get into polishing and rubbing down between coats, as that would remove some of the detail. I had tried something before that worked well, it's a hot wax, and it worked on the sample.. brilliantly.

I drilled a 6mm hole in the back to take any type of nail that might be used for hanging..

If you've been following me for a while you will have seen this stamp, and now it's in the middle of the back of the plaque..first one of many

I've hung…

Laying concrete down..Plaque continued

Early start today, I had a couple of things to sort out in the town this morning, and as I was going there was another delivery from the building suppliers. I got back to find Clive had got all of the Polythene down around the back, and started mixing and filling in..
and he had some work for me too...helping with the steelwork, drilling into the old wall and fitting steels into the wet concrete

after the steels were fitted, another 50-60mm of concrete went over the top of this, and I tried to keep it all to the right height and level..
So, Clive carried on with the concreting, I was just going to be in the way..I needed to get on the with the plaque. Into the workshop, I started to tidy up the background, but the gouge I was using needed sharpening

 this is my old bench grinder, I had to give it a bit of a clean before getting started.. I only cleaned to left hand side, and I think I really should replace both.

I used this stuff for cleaning the guards on the grinder, it works really well…

Another hole...

So, the back of the house, as far as the footings go are looking good. Clive turns up, and say's "we'll dig the front footings out today". I took a couple of photo's before we started, I think Clive's getting used to me just getting the camera out of my pocket and taking photographs of just about anything that is about to change or going to in the next few minutes..

so here's the front that we are about to dig out..

We were digging from 9am to about 12, and the day was the hotest so far this year, it was just like a summers day, by midday it measured 21 degrees in the shade outside the front for this time of year...That's Hot

I found this frog in the drain outside the back, he couldn't have been there long because the drains were covered up earlier, it wasn't long before he was jumping around the back garden.

Snowy's enjoying the sun too, I tied her lead to the spade handle, if I didn't she would 'do a runner' especially if the pos…

My new workshop..temporary workshop

I have a few jobs to do for friends and relatives, so in order to get these things made and somewhere for me to be getting on with the framework for the garden room. I decided to put up an old gazebo that was packed away in the corner of one of the sheds, Clo helped me put it up, which was helpful, as it started to rain just after we put the cover over the frame. Thank you Clo..

so here it is..
So my old Black and Decker workmate is under there, I have electricity in either of the sheds, so it's ready to roll.
First thing I need to do is a Mahogany Plaque for my sister, I have had a piece of Mahogany in the corner of the living room for the last few weeks, the moisture was 15% and it got down to 10%, even in our old, cold place. We started to sort out was the wording, the font, the sizes, the positions and the Trust Logo. The first of these we did last weekend, Jackie and I kept in touch by text and emails. The questions and answers were going backwards and forwards for a while befo…

More wheel barrowing....

A few days ago this was early morning. Clive and I were discussing the workload for the day, the plan was to remove the fence panel. I was to cut it down to the new size, while Clive was going  to cut the wall away and start to get the footings in around that corner.

Firstly, we've got to get those drain pipes out of the way..

I bought this Draper water pump to empty the water from puddles and any lying water that needed to be shifted. I can't recommend it more highly. I paid £24.04 from Amazon (free p & p), so it's not the cheap one, but when you read the comments about the cheaper ones, you can see why this one is so popular. It also comes with a set of spare splines. I've made sure that the pump is washed out with soapy water, then clean water and then oiled, just as they say on the packaging, a great pump, probably paid for itself already.

Clive's laying some bricks below the damp proof course. The pile of bricks under the fence panel, I've already cleane…

Snow... and art gallery

So.. The beginning of February started off alright, a bit cold but not as cold as the middle of January, but by the 5th we woke up to some snow, and that meant no building work until the ground had warmed up.

Down the side of the house..

Around the back of the kitchen, notice all of the temporary water drains..I have to keep an eye on this lot, we don't want the foundations swimming in water..

The garden used to look nice with snow on it, now it looks like what it is.. a building site.

The tree house has got some plywood protecting the staircase, it just saves it all getting so wet in the winter months, the rest of the stuff up here is stored out of the way, all of the trees in the pots are Acers, they where on the patio, the water butt was off the old sectional garage, and so on...

A couple of days later, it was starting to go

Anyhow, it was half term, all the girls were off school for the week, I had previously had a chat with the eldest, about going to the Birmingham Museum & Ar…