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6th April 2014

A new comment on your post "Turnings"

Nice to see you last week Jamie.

Great to talk to someone who clearly loves what they do. The Birds Eye Maple and African Blackwood Vessel is travelling with us to Cleveland Ohio next week!!! I'll say hello to Ken for you. Good luck at the show in London.

David, Claire, Katie and Emily 

29th July 2013

After a visit to Ruskin Glass Centre, and an interview with me in my workshop.

"Good to meet you, Love the surfboard table"

Philip Serrell
Auctioneer since year dot - appears on BBC's Bargain Hunt, Flog It, Put Your Money & Antiques Road Trip. Author.

29th July 2013
At 9am,

On Twitter,

"You can't have too many Spurtles-Porridge, so good for the colon.

Alt. spellings 'Spirtle' & 'Porage'

Stephen Fry @stephenFry
Stephen John Fry is an English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist.

23th Oct 2013
At 4pm,

"What a pleasure to meet such a talented craftsman in wood and metal, as there are not many about these days of change. Will certainly call again to admire the skills of Jamie.

Best Regards"

Brian Edge
Retired furniture restorer


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