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Bespoke Oak Box for the Guild of Enamellers

A custom box made to hold a very special piece..

 Tea Caddy Spoon made by Rachel Gogerly.

And given by the Guild of Enamellers  Memorial Award (for best finish)

A certain amount of free reins on the design of the box but some notes..

It must have a very good quality finish.The spoon has to sit inside and be protected...What do we do with the lid..? Hinges means the lid would have to be supported.. Loose means it can be lost or misplaced.Simple, clean lines

A block of Oak, finished with an oil to a mat finish. This way the spoon stands out within the box.  The centre carved out to take the spoon.. with a small piece of green suede to stop the silver spoon getting scratched.

The lid, lined inside the top with matching suede.

The lid is a little different. It tapers.. from the one corner to the opposite corner.. There is good reason for this..

The lid on the box, you can see some of the taper here..

The box sits inside the top of the lid, this way the lid is part of the display..

The tape…

Glass Blowers Blocks

So it was bound to happen.. Glass Blowers blocks
My workshop is in the heart of the glass making industry for the last few hundred years, Stourbridge. in the West Midlands. And now there are glass blowers and glass artists here, rather than the old big firms .. link to brief history of Stourbridge glassmaking

I'm inside the Ruskin Glass Centre, an old factory building of Webb Corbett and within a hundred yards or so are a number of glassblowers who either work for themselves or within the Glass House College
making and teaching glass blowing.

One of the staff of the college asked me if I could make a block.. one of the tools used to shape and even out some of the lumps and bumps in the process of blowing the glass..

He had a couple of Cherry tree logs for me to use and they were getting low on these tools.

click on the photos to enlarge

Here's one being used, the glass is on the end of the iron, which is rotated on the rails of the bench. The block is held beneath applying pre…

Bespoke Oak box

Stuart had mentioned making a box for this award a while ago.. Probably six months ago.

He was after a box to carry around and to protect the glass trophy, a 'loving cup' and cover, with a plinth. These were not necessarily the most expensive of items, but have become a symbol of worth, of value.

Kieran's Memorial Golf Day is an event that Stuart takes part in with loads of other golfers, who get involved in to raise money in memory of Kieran Mallett.

The Brief:

So, where to start.. no design, no real instruction of how or preferences...

"Just make a lovely box, instead of this cardboard box that it doesn't all fit into anyway"

I'd got some American White Oak planks, and some hinges, locks and handles in stock..just for this size of box..

click on photos to enlarge

Instead of raising the panel with a plane, router or spindle moulder, I chose to carve it and leave a hand worked textured finish... this pic is during the process..It did take a while, but well …