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Art in Action review


My first time and thoughts of this very high profile, top event of the year..

A couple of times I've heard about this event.  "Why aren't you going, Jamie..."    
 "You must go..."       "It's just the best event..."   "..The work and the quality.."  "...ooh this and ooh that.."

Okay... I get it.. thank you..

I was chatting to Vic Bamforth, and then up came the Art in Action event again.. That was it, when Vic said he was going and if I wanted to go..I just had to.

Not an early start, got there around 10:30 (it opened at 10am) and to the most unusual parking system I've ever seen, but more on that later.

It was seen that the day was going to be the hottest of the year, and it was living up to the radio and TV word ...    HOT.. or two REALLY HOT..

The map we had from their website was very useful, showing places to eat and the different marquees, in alphabetical and numerical order (someone had do…