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Some of last years work..

Now I have the new workshop, come and get a quote for any repair, replacement or renovation work on the furniture in your camper, any type just call..


Bespoke seating with the best storage...

This gorgeous van belongs to Julian, and the only thing missing is the upholstery.

Julian is having all of the seating and lining work done in leather by
Bromsgrove Auto Trimmers.

This is what it looked like before I started working on the interior.

note the masking tape, with lines marked on to show what and where..

First thing Monday morning Pete the upholsterer, and I went through the design of the seating to make it the right height, the depth of seating to work and the angle of the back to be comfortable. The height of the backrest was to sit in a panel line, just under the windows.

By the end of the first days work I had the floor down, a master pattern made,
10 backrest sections made and all was good.

and a few days later..   Done..
The cream "Old English" Formica was in one piece

The forward seating has the largest storage compartment and as I talked it through with Julian, I would line this area out with a soft carpet.
This corner area is useful for all sorts, the lid/seat squabs have the ply cut-outs screwed to the underside to stop the seats moving around and stiffen them up.
The aft storage floor is not ply lined and good for tools and a jack

Pete and I chose to do the seat cushions with a full, lightweight ply base to make the cushions very crisp and the backrest removable in two parts allowing him to finish the upholstery on the bench and then fit after. I just had to ensure a 2.5mm gap all round each board. This method also allows the base unit to support the whole cushion board and the largest aperture.

Here is the leather covered seating with piping, looks great dosen't it. This photo was taken before the van was completed, so it could only look even more georgeous, beautiful.


This new section is to follow the recent cabinet work for a local firm. They do all sorts of work on campers, from van conversions and restorations to electrical upgrades, gas fitting and so on.


Type 2 Volkswagen camper

This van was broken into and vandalised.
The work carried out was to bring the camper interior back up to standard.

This was before any work was carried out.

The panel under the seat was scratched and marked, the silicone bead around the 240 volt socket was hiding split veneer

The hinges were bent into the cabinet, doors dented and scratched

The buddy seat/ toilet compartment had been kicked in.

The rear unit was scratched and in need of cleaning

The table storage damaged the table, and was held in place with the wrong plastic turn buttons

After Renovation/ Restoration

I cleaned the Oak veneer panel, and made a solid Oak socket surround, oil finished to make it easy to clean and it will not flake off like a varnish when bumped.

The kitchen cabinet set, with repaired and polished hinges, new screws. I replaced the piano hinge in the surface back lid, and sealed all of the bare plywood edges. Dents in the doors filled and touched in, the top surface was flattened back, grain filled, sealed and oiled to a gloss finish.

The buddy seat/ toilet compartment. I repaired and re bonded the side panels, then added a simple moulding around the top to finish the edges of the veneer, then made a liner to stiffen up the quite thin sides, all bonded together and oiled.

The back unit, hinges cleaned and polished, new screws and flatted off, scratches removed and oiled.

Here I cleaned and polished the hinges, new screws, new turn buckles to stop the table sliding forward, a new block at the back to stop it hitting a metal bracket. I moved the two end supports together by 12mm, due to cutting 12mm damage off the end of the table.

This was after the new flooring and the cleaned upholstery was replaced.

I hope the customer likes it, I think it looks great, and with the extra finishing touches like sorting the table turn buckles and stop out and the smooth finish that has replaced the split open grain, he's got more than just a repair job.

If you would like some work done on your camper interior furnitureemail me on or call me on 07801289438 for us to chat about the work on your van. Jamie


Having worked with Mark previously on Luxury yachts, I didn't hesitate when I was asked to restore the Formica on a type 2, 1960's camper van. Mark worked closely with the customer on the new laminate, to achieve the best match possible with the customer giving the final go ahead. Mark and I lay all of the items onto the sheet of Formica, they only just fitted, there was no room for error, all of the parts had to be done correctly first time.

1960's Type 2 Westfalia Camper Van

The cooker unit was in a bit of a sorry state, with dents and damage to the doors and drawers
All edging around the doors and the fronts replaced and grain matched.

The photo's don't do the colour match justice. In the daylight the match was great

I removed the original edging, and the old Formica laminate, then fitted a new top and replaced the original edging, to keep it as faithful as possible, the handles will be refitted later.

Again, the edging removed and replaced after the new Formica laminate was fitted

The sliding door panel had been removed quite a few times, as a result of that, some of the old fixing holes and edges had to be filled, before covering in the new laminate 

This rear arch panel was damaged along the long edge, and had to be repaired,
along with a number of smaller 'infil' panels and strips

I had to remake this rear door panel, the old holes were too large,
the edges were damaged and the panel buckled beyond repair.
The old panel will be used for setting out the positions of the fixing holes

There is a lot going on here. Firstly the fixing bolt holes had to be filled, as they used light weight ply, the pressure from being tightened up had pulled into the ply, this had to be flush for the new laminate.
The door had to grain match, vents and bolt holes were cut out.

In all, the parts look great, I'll get some pictures of the finished camper when it's all been refitted.



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