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At the bottom of the garden...

Friday was another cold day, and that morning was already in the diary to go and replace a gate, so at 7am when I looked out of the window there was snow blowing around in the wind, only a light sprinkling...but you never know

I got to the house and there was an area cleared for me to build up the gate. Tools first, my little car was full of all types of things I may need..

The next thing to do was clear a bit more space and start dismantling the old gate. The strap hinges were lovely, a fair bit of wear on them, but still more than adequate for the size of gate that they were going to support.

I got to work on removing the hinges from the old gate and was pleasantly surprised that the screws came out quite well, no chewed up slots helped and the rust from screw to hinge didn't slow it down either. In a short time the gate was off and lent against the wall.

I had already cut the timbers to length (plus 30mm), run the ledges and brace through the saw and put a few degrees on the e…

Parkinsons Perfect 15 vice.. not so perfect..vices...

I've been after some more vices for the workshop benches. Last year I picked up a Parkinsons Perfect 15" vice for only £5.00, what a bargain. And with the travelling only into Worcester town, 20 minutes in the car, that's great..but there is something going on on Ebay...

You see, since then I've had a few saved searches watching out for vices, and they are not as cheap as before, looks like the second hand/used market is on the up for tools.

But where they were around £20. ... now, they are going for around £40.. is this because people are beginning to realise that sometimes the old stuff is better than the new? or is it that people are buying old ones to reuse, recycle etc...

Are we all just after a bargain, and it's driving the prices up...I'm not sure.

A couple of weeks ago I was going to start a table, and looking around for timber to build it with, no luck in my shop. I was after contrasting colours in timber, and I have plenty of Brazilian Mahogany, so …

February is flying along...

So, in a previous posting I had mentioned an Oak staircase with quite a few watermarks. The staircase was salvaged and reused in this home, and when you look at it carefully you can see where some jointing has taken place to make it fit.

The watermarks were made when someone had left a bucket of water on the treads whilst doing some work on the walls. There were around eight or nine of the marks, some so bad that when they were gone I noticed some more on the same tread that none of us had seen.

Here you can see the waring out of the Polyurethane on the treads, risers and strings One of the water marks before

and after removal Another before.. and after.. and the worst one.. you can really see the shape of the bucket, this was easily the worst watermark I've seen... This is after, but I still hadn't finished.
 So after Staining, some waxing, oiling, rubbing down and polishing I was done, and it looks a lot warmer, I've got rid of the water marks and dry patch…

More photos added to Gallery


Busy doing all sorts, a late night last night. I had my first evening class, a good night all went well, a good lesson for me. I've added some better photos to the Gallery and putsoldon one of the first pieces sold from the Gallery.

I'm removing some watermarks from a very large Oak Staircase, this is quite a big job and plenty of the marks...not good. It is going well and when it's done, with the owners permission I'll put pictures on here, hope so...

Have I mentioned a surf board coffee table, well it's cramped up, early days yet, but will be on here in the next few days..

thanks for looking

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The End ?

The End ?
This piece started off on the floor of the workshop, just under the crosscut saw. I had just finished the build of the student bench, the top was clean and clear. I was thinking about going home, started the usual tidy up, clearing around the saws, up the corner of the shop and was picking up these offcuts, bin or...what.. The wall space up the corner was crying out for something, it's just a plain white wall.
And these offcuts are just beautiful, there are numbers on the ends of some, these were sorted into lengths and I used a black marker pen to note the usable lengths of each piece. Grey colour, from being outside at home under the temporary workshop ( remember that? ), some of the pieces still had evidence of the glue and plywood left from when it was staging, building platforms between the boats. A rusty old nail sticking out of one, a screw head in another and the timber yards red painted sort code, evidence of plenty of different uses.

I grab some newspaper, coup…