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David Stanley 59th International Auction

This morning, I drove up to Whitick, in Leicestershire, and to be perfectly honest, I messed up the start of the day, but from there it just got better...

I had already planned the route, the night before, I set the Sat Nav up, so that was in hand. I had looked at the junctions on Google maps, Street view, and even taken photos of the screen of each junction. So I knew what the journey looked like.

 So, All was going to plan when, just after I had breakfast and the girls were getting up, I had already got everything together that I thought would be useful, but the time was running away with me, and I was conscious that if I didn't get out of the house soon then I would be late for the start of the auction, and you never know whats first in the catalogue.

So off I go, I get to the end of our road and head for some fuel. There has been some fuss at the petrol stations in the UK over the last week, and I did need some fuel. On the way there, I realised that I'd forgotten the Sat …

New section 'Boxes'.. and cats paw prints..

Well, the extension is going well, I took Snowy out for a walk this morning and came back to see how the concrete floor was looking after the cold night..

During the night we had a visitor,
I think it was a white cat that has been seen hanging around, but he walked in this end, found he couldn't get through the fencing, turned around and came back. So there's two sets of prints....

Clive came along and started at the back of the garage, removing the paw prints and skimming over the surface to remove some minor undulations...

So, while Clive was skimming over the floor, ( I just had to leave that one in when I was editing, It just made me smile thinking of Clive skimming over the floor)  I spent time putting some new photo's of boxes that I have made, into a new section on the the top of the page, 'Boxes'

Have a look through, I have loads more stuff to put on here and when I've got a workshop sorted out I'll be making more.

All the best Jamie

KBB (kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms) show at the NEC

Lynn and I went along to the show on Monday morning, I thought that it would be a good idea to see what was going on in the Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom industry. I would have gone along from Sealine, usually with one or two of the guy's from there, ( where I was Continuous Improvement and New Product Development Engineer for a number of years ) where we would be looking at the new products on show, new ways of getting around something that would have been an issue before now.
If you are with the right person, and I have worked with some of the best at Sealine. Then the slightest thing can trigger off an idea or better still a brain storming session, that's what the shows are all about for me, with the added benefit of meeting the sales staff that you normally talk over the phone with, and getting their views on products. In the past, once we've been around the show for a bit, get a quick coffee, sit and have chat about things, I generally make notes, once I start that, th…

Chippendale table added to Bespoke Furniture, within Previous Works

Photographs of this lovely piece have been added, please take your time to read through.

I only have enough Mahogany to make another three of these, the wood has been in my store since 1990. What you are seeing is my first piece, and I would love to make another for someone who would really like to get involved with design and have a piece of history made for them.

and..please feel free to ask any questions

New photographs added to Carvings section

Hi, Due to the snow, sleet and bad rain today, and I can't get outside (without getting soaking wet) I've found time to clean and wax an old family favourite of ours, well it's Ellie's really. Here's a sneaky peak...

If you click on the pictures they will enlarge..

I carved this when Ellie was about three years old...