Miscellaneous Items

Elm dolls pram

Made for a little girl's second birthday using recycled wood and offcuts..

I just love the recycled Elm body of the pram..
.. fabulous colours..

Even the waney edge has been left on in places, then just rounded off to soften the edges

Helen's daughters initials CRC carved into the back of the Elm

To read more about this piece please click on this link

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Glass Blowers Block

Made for the staff of Glasshouse College Stourbridge

Please click on the images to enlarge

Finished ready for use..

In use..

The 'Burning in'.. 

To read more about this piece please click this link

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Bark edged vessel

The piece stands about 41/2" tall.
The timber for this vessel is unknown, but was taken from part of the buttress to root system
When I parted the base from the stock, the small part of the foot fell away
I wasn't going to through it out, after going through so much, and used Epoxy to hold the two parts back together...

If you double click on the picture you will see a staple that is embedded in the wood, It's in the dark patch in the middle of the bowl, as I was turning the piece it was nearly to shape when I hit the staple with the chisel. the grain was that different, that I refused to stop turning it, on the inside there is only the middle part of the staple showing, so I ended up regrinding the chisels around thirty times...
It was worth it..

* * * * *

Candle Sconce

Turned and cut back plate in Ash,
with steam bent Ash arms and Bobeche, and Maple holder

This shot at night really shows off the colours of the wood

* * * * *

Painted Maple book stand

This was made to match the paint colour in a kitchen,
with style influence taken from Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The rear stand hinge is all from the same piece of timber,
even the hinge pin is from the same plank

* * * * *

Feet and Bases for glass work

Beech feet to match the customers kitchen

Designed by the customer..

* * * * *

More feet for glass

This time without the dras on the corners, just removed the arris'

* * * * *