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Watch makers/ repairers bench

A re-built, restored and up piece of furniture

Jo told me about her fathers work sounded lovely, with its wonderful array of drawers, nooks and crannies, there were different widths, heights and multiple uses..

It had been in Jo's garage for a long while and she was getting concerned that it was going moldy.. We chatted and I suggested it could go in the house in one of the rooms.

The next day, Jo said it would fit in the corner of her dining room if it was a little smaller in length, and width...and obviously cleaner

This is what It looked like without the drawers They came the next day, as it wouldn't all fit in the car..

Over the next two weeks I worked on the bench with one of my students, Jason.
Working with Jo, I cut the top down, leaving the most of the wear and tear showing.. Jason helped me fix the two cupboards together and put all of the edging back on. The drawers were loose, so they got a clean, and loads of the most tiny of watch parts fell …

Antoni Gaudi inspired feature window panel

A few months ago now, Paul Floyd came into my workshop and asked if I would be interested in making a curved frame for a stained glass panel commission that he'd just got.

Now he's got my attention - curved frame, sounds good to me. Tell me more..

Chris and Anne-Marie had been to Barcelona, where they had visited some of the fabulous work of Antoni Gaudi and wanted to have their own piece built into their new home. The commission was for a framed stained glass panel approximately 1100 mm by 1000 mm. The glass design was being carefully thought out and designed by Paul with Chris and Anne-Marie providing the ideas and inspiration.

The frame was down to myself and Paul working together, to get the best possible framework for this wonderful design of glass that he had put forward.

I had looked on the internet, and been blown away by some of the work that Gaudi had had made..So my next job was to get hold of a book with information and loads of pictures to help me get into this pr…

Gfeller Trub Phone

"The King of Phones" I first came across these beautiful phones a few years ago, I bought one because it's wooden..

What better reason?..and it's still in use

I thought that I would put on here, what I have learnt about these beautiful phones. In one place as a reference for myself and for others. I have owned and cleaned up three of them so far, and got to know quite a bit about them. You can read other info about them elsewhere, but on here I want to talk about the phones as we see them

From what I have seen there are three species of timber used for making these, Cherry, Maple and Rosewood..and if you look at the boxes of some you can see the Cherry version, I have yet to see any of the other phones on the box. The timber blank is CNC cut, the insides are really well done, with holes drilled out, then inserts fixed for screw threads, and the quality is great.

Click on picture to enlarge

The keys are pressed metal, Gold anodized, over the plastic buttons

The handset…

I'm still here...

Through the summer months I've been really busy at home and in the workshop.

I'll be posting back on here very soon. If you want to keep up with what I'm doing, then follow me on Twitter or read the Twitter feed on the right hand side of this page.

I'm photographing a Gaudi style frame on Wednesday this week. I made a few weeks ago, it will get its own posting. I've been repairing chairs, tables. Making knives, spoons and more chopping boards as well as other jobs..

I'll be back on here, as soon as I can free up some hard drive space too, this machines filling up with all of my photographs and the girls music, so it's time to find an alternative place to put them all...

All the best


David Bowie is

I've been going through some of my work since the last posting, looking through the pictures to see what I would put on here next. I want to put things on here that are pieces that I have either enjoyed making or relevant to what is going on around me.

David Bowie is..

Lynn and I have been listening to Bowie since before we met, and still buy the latest disc, be it on old vinyl or CD.
I can't get into downloads, I want to see something for my money and if the computer crashes I still want to be able to listen to my music..

Anyhow, on the announcement of the exhibition at the V&A (Victoria and Albert museum, London) we just knew that we really wanted to go, weeks go by then we here that ticket sales have been going mad, and the exhibition is sold out . . . .

We had a reason to go into London and thought that we should find out if we could still get in. We found out that the V&A were allowing another 450 tickets for sale each day of the exhibition, on a first come first …

Oak Box Commission

It started with a Google search...  like ..  'Custom made box..'

I had had a couple of emails from Becky, about making a box for a friend of hers, we exchanged a few emails and Becky came over to the workshop with plenty of details about the sizes and other requirements. We discussed the design, the timber, and style of the box, then how the tray would sit and the loose lid would fit to the box. And of course the finish, after meeting with Becky, something just felt right that I would enjoy doing this one. The job card had now got all of the information that I needed..

Given a reference number, and added to the work schedule.

I try to organise my machine time, so while I had the planer out working on another project, I planed the timber up.

I was hoping to prepare enough wood to possibly make another couple of small boxes at the same time, but concerned about the sizes a bit, as when I read through the details all of the dimensions were internal. I was limited to the amount of …

Surfboard coffee table

I've only just noticed how long it's been since my last posting, so from this, you can imagine how busy I am, there's lots going on, and only a part of it goes onto here.

So, back in March 2013..

This little beauty has been on the cards for over a year now. I wanted to make a coffee table that would be suitable in a living room and also be able to be taken in a camper and used as a coffee table whilst camping out.

So while things are picking up in the workshop, I do want to make different types of things, so I thought it was time to get on with it, and fit it in between jobs.
Some days, it took over and I just kept on going with it, then I might not touch it for a few days.

The wood, the plank of Mahogany has been around a long time, some from John Boddys Timber, and I picked some Maple up from the timber yard a while ago. I always try to pick up the odd bit of timber when I can.. and this Maple is from the same log as the LA Photo frame, in an earlier posting.

When I thought ab…

Accordion music book rest

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday I had two couples come into the workshop, Lovely people who enjoyed my work. One of the couples bought one of my pieces, which was the first piece sold from the new workshop.

The other couple came back a few weeks later and discussed them commissioning a piece.

This is about that piece, a stand similar to one I have in the gallery area.

This one was made for Lynn 15 years ago, to fit our colour scheme and still looks fresh today.
So we discussed the timber, because they have a Cherry dining suite it wasn't hard to make that decision.  Then sizes, a bit wider 255 mm and the base part only has to hold slim books, so down to 25 mm. I put all this information onto the inside of a job card, how much I thought it would cost and their top line.
So the piece will be American Cherry, the hinged part in Cherry and I'll probably use some of my Ebony stock for the hinge pin.
After cutting the initial shape and marking out, I cut the holes out.. then grooved th…