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Hey.. hope you are all well, it's been a little while..
I've had a few people take up my workshops over the last few months and they're going really well. It's more of what you've learned and had hands on experience doing, not really what you physically leave with.

I want people to be able to go home and carry on woodworking, do more marking out, more dovetails, more practising. I want what I wanted years ago. The help, there.. at the right time to show me what to do. Which part first ?.. what would you do ? How do I get over trimming a little too much off this (it happens a few times at first) What if I do this ?
My One-to-one workshop is structured enough to do the important things.. but flexible enough to go a little 'off-piste' too. The Japanese way of starting the day (or workshop) with sharpening is a great place to start, it straight away gets you into how the edge tools work, what is important and what can be quite relaxed and also gives me the feedbac…

One day workshops are now available..

I've been working on making a workshop that works for all skill levels. Not the easiest to sort out on paper but much easier to approach from the practical side. So now I'm offering the One day workshop for the complete novice, through to the amateur or semi professional woodworker who would like to improve some of their skills in one of the particular areas. Sharpening plane Iron and chiselSetting up the planeUsing the plane to prepare timberCutting the timber to jointjointing

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How long...

Nearly two years since I last posted anything on here.

The last couple of years have probably been the worst and yet the best so far in my workshop life. I can't really pin-point the time or when things started to go off in a direction that didn't suit me. But I found that something wasn't quite right. However, this year has been a real improvement.

And here's why.. Attitude

I've just gone for it, and every job has had more time spent on it despite budget, every piece is the next piece of promotion not only of what I can make, but also to promote the person or business involved.

There's a saying I used to hear when someone was doing top quality work.. 'like a job in the town' meaning that the work in the town was of a higher quality than that in the countryside. I've taken that and pushed it higher.. 'Like a job in the City' .. even better and then putting images on.


So much more than just another medium to natter on, I've met…

Half Plate, Brass and Mahogany Field Camera c.1860

This lovely camera came into my workshop on the last day of my exhibition..

Jo had been taking photographs with it in the courtyard in the centre of our site. When there was a gust of wind, and it toppled over on its tripod and went down to the ground. One of the tech guys had been to see my exhibition a few minutes before and handed my business card to her and said this guy could probably fix it. When Jo brought it in to me she put it on one of the benches with just a few screws.. we discussed for a minute. I then asked my Chloe to go with Jo and see if she could find any more screws, as there were loads missing from the bent up brass-ware. Chloe came back with even more, which was great as they were really tiny.

Well, I'd not done one before, but it was brilliant to get my hands on it and take it from a pile of bits back to better than it was before..

Here are some pictures and details

click on pictures to enlarge

This is how I first saw this wonderful old camera.
Just look at i…

Surfboard Meeting Table

This job took me back a little.

This is the second time I've made a Surfboard table; the last one was the Surfboard Coffee Table
back in June 2013 which I designed and created to expand my work.

This one is a world away from that one; at 3 metres long (10ft) and a very high 110cm tall (431/2").. it's much bigger, which was the initial brief from Sketch Studios.

The only way that I felt the Surfboard would look right, was if it was a 1950's style longboard, with quite a traditional look, sitting on the trestles or bench that it was made and finished on.

The juxtaposition of the stripey high gloss board with an old, well used and distressed frame meant the board could be complimented well. Made from Grey 'Sun bleached' timber that would work, and look great on the South coast of the UK.

Normally here, I would go through how I built this seriously cool table...

This time, a lot of the build was on Twitter with finer details and explanations for my followers to v…