Friday, 1 May 2015

During the.. International Festival of Glass 2015

I've heard so much about this Festival of Glass. The last one was in 2012,

Just before I first visited the Ruskin Glass Centre so I missed it, and missed out apparently.

The Festival was moved from 2014 to 2015 due to more building work that would have made it harder to get around the site. So its been three years since the last one, and I was trying to think 'where do I fit into all this' ?

I'm in one of the renovated old buildings, on the site of the old Webb Corbett glass factory, where glass has been made for hundreds of years. Having my workshop in the front corner of this great building. I felt that I really needed to do something to stand out from all of the glass around. People come to see shiny glass.

'Would they be interested in looking at Wood' ?

Firstly mine is a workshop, that I make either make or restore everything that goes through the doors, so I have machinery and benches and quite a few tools.

Then, I would need more space for people to come further into my workshop. They had 20,000 visitors around a number of different sites in Stourbridge at the last Festival.
I then thought that if I make more room, I need to give people more pieces to see... After a chat with a couple of friends (that were customers) I could get a few bespoke pieces back into the workshop for people to see...

Then it hit me, its more of an exhibition. so why not call it that and invite people to come and see pieces that they would normally not get to see.

so here it is.. Jamie Hubbard Furniture Exhibition

Exhibition of Furniture & Accessories.

28th - 30th May 2015

Here are some of the items on display;

Thomas Chippendale Mahogany Pillar
and claw tripod table 1992

Art Deco inspired Display Cabinet 1992

The Olympic Torch in Wood 2012

Surfboard Coffee Table 2013

75th Anniversary carved wooden book 2013

Big J 2013

Bespoke Stool for #SSBO 2014

pictures to be added

The Grand Designs collection 2014

Alice in Wonderland dressing table 2014
pictures to be added

Natures Ash Stool 2015
new piece completed for the show

Ash Trestle table 2015
new piece completed for the show

A variety of chopping, cutting and carving boards
Including Nando's, Beech Tree, and the Bombay Gin Set Trio.

This list will be added to, and pictures added between now and the event.
Keep coming back to see what else has been added.

Please contact me on 07801 289 438 if you require any more details.

I hope you can come along and see these pieces together for the first time.