Restoration Work

Half Plate Mahogany and Brass Field Camera c1860

This is the condition the camera came to me

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How I first saw this wonderful old camera.

Here is the completed camera.. 
The remaining hole you can see on the side could be repaired at a later date. And was not on the rebuild list of jobs

The list of repaired parts is a long one, but it works a treat
Wind that knob clockwise it turns the pinion and travels towards the lens

Like so..  Now just lift the far left part up towards the top of the carriage part,
then close the curved part.

Ends up like this. There are some well made, and well thought out catches too.
The catch that holds it all open, also works to hold it all closed. Very well engineered

Here's the back corner,
I didn't fill the damaged wood, just glued the splits and realigned them as best as possible, with the clean and polish it looks as naturally looked after as it should after 155 years.

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Antique Yew Windsor Bow chair

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The before photo shows the crinoline stretcher on the floor badly damaged.

After extensive work and a good polish

To see all of the work done, click on this link

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Sarcophagus Tea Caddy 

New ring to the right hand side and a polish

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It was a little dry as far as the polish goes. With some crazing around and below the escutcheon. 

This was the ring to copy

and this is the new one.

Just a light wax polish inside

A very happy customer.

* * * * *

Gfeller Trub Rosewood Telephone
"The King of Phones"

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A beautiful, working Rosewood phone

The most comfortable handset ever.. (in my opinion)

BT plug fits most standard outlets..

Three levels of volume, all original stickers underneath

I would say this is light used condition, the odd ding here and there..
Just needs to be used now. I keep a cloth near mine to wipe over every now and then.

Don't just take my word for it, search Google for Trub Gfeller and see what they say.
Lynn and I have one of these wonderful phones, and I wouldn't let it go for any money, as they are getting harder to find in such good condition. And the prices just keep steadily rising.
Take a look here...   link to Retro Thing . com

then here   Another Trub convert

Lightly restored and cleaned up. This phone was known as the King of Phones

This one is Sold. I usually have one or two in stock, call for more information
Call for more details on Shipping and Delivery
All metric imperial dimensions are approximate

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Ornate Honduran Leather and Dark wood bed

This bed had been through a tough time...

The headboard...

The foot board panels were pushed out of the rebates, but the rebates were made of Reeding, so not the best, and only held in place with some drops of glue and veneer pins.

This shows the other side of the footboard, with the reeding missing from around the panel, the old glue has gone white from the water damage, with white around most of the details on this bed...

This was the damage on one of the leather clad legs...

This was after the reairs on the leather, but before the finish applied,
again notice the white around all the details.
And the cramp holding the panel in the correct position while the adhesive cures

Here is the centre piece with the white all round,
notice the Basket weave leather panels either side

This is the foot board 'Hairy paw' foot before I touched in the colour..

and after..

Here, I've replaced 3.5metres (12ft) of the reeding, all colour matched and jointed, all of the white has been 'touched in' and is ready for the final polish.

close up of the new reeding in place with the old..

And here she is finished, no white, leather repaired, one more waxing and back to the customer.

And the footboard.

 * * * * *

Edwardian revolving bookcase

This bookcase was in need of new oak matching strips, a general clean up and polish.

After a gentle clean up

With matched timbers replaced and polished

 * * * * *
From Watch repairers workbench to 
re-built, restored and up piece of dining room furniture

Before and After

I had decided to leave the small gap in the bottom of the plinth,
this shows its true origin

* * * * *

The incredibly wobbly Windsor Chair..

Stunning chair

click on the picture to enlarge

Look at these joints..all loose and worn out from the last 40 years of being loose..

Loose parts everywhere..

Damage to turnings.

over 50 loose joints..

The top part after work completed


* * * * *