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London Plane Vessel No. 1

Made from London Plane, 'Jean' a friend of a friend had the tree cut down on 18th March 2013.

Green turned, bark edged, an very thin.. if held up to the light it glows
Finished with Danish Oil.

Thickness     1 mm (1/16")
Width      80 mm (31/8")
Height     72 mm (2 7/8")

In gallery items for sale

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Large Chunky Candlesticks

Made from a Pine log that I rescued, the shakes and texture add to the appeal
Unfinished, so can be left outside to 'silver' or paint, wax or varnish yourself 

Various sizes up to 280 mm (11")

In gallery items for sale

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Damson 'right of passage'

One of one Goblet made from one of two pieces of Damson wood from a tree we cut down nearly twenty years ago. The captive ring is seen as a right of passage for wood turners, the ring is turned as a bead, then under cut to release it from the stem. Sold

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Damson Goblet
1 of 4

Turned from the off cut that was inside the chuck when I turned the 'Right of Passage' goblet above. The Off cut was cut into quarters, Then each one turned into 12th Scale goblets, two made so far.

Height 19 mm (3/4")

only two left

In gallery items for sale

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Birds Eye Maple & African Blackwood Vessel

This started out as a simple bowl but as the wood was being turned I felt the shape should be a little more detailed. Influenced by Keith Murray's work.

And the seal let into a purpose made indent


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Unknown said...

Nice to see you last week Jamie. Great to talk to someone who clearly loves what they do. The Birds Eye Maple Bowl is travelling with us to Cleveland Ohio next week!!! I'll say hello to Ken for you. Good luck at the show in London. David, Claire, Katie and Emily

Jamie said...

Thanks David,

It was a lovely piece to make. It was made when I hadn't got many orders and wanted a beautiful piece on my Gallery shelves, I'm sure Ken will enjoy it, have fun in Ohio.

All the best