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Yates's solid Oak antipasti serving board...

I had seen Annettte in my workshop before. I remembered her expressing an interest in the hand carved serving boards. This time we chatted about how they were made, what could be made, and how I could make one for a dining room. A chunky board, in Oak, with a waney edge, quite rustic.
A day or two later Annette came in with one of  Jamie Oliver's Italian plank at 900mm long and 220mm wide, its quite big, but we felt a little thin.
Jamie Oliver's was made in Portugal from a soft wood, with heat burnt on marks here and there..

..and this was our starting point..

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On Jamie Oliver's website
Something thicker to go with the chunky Oak dining room furniture would work better. Annette wanted the board to be twice the thickness, with the surname 'Yates' carved into it...clean, sharp with a rustic feel.
After a trip to my timber guy, I come back with a few feet of European Oak, 2" thick, with quite a bit of waney edge. So I cut it down to size …

Clock restoration parts..

Sometimes I have visitors that just get it..

A visitor had looked around my shop and we had spoken a couple of times. The next time I saw her she was with her father, we started to chat then he showed me a clock finial, Ebonised Ash, 3" long (75 mm)

"Can you copy this for the top of my regulator..But i want to finish it, I can do the Ebonising.."

No problem.. In Ash, the same timber

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Here's the Black original next to my 'half way through'

So as I was half way through doing this piece, In the gentleman walks again with his next piece for me to sort out..
A little bit more complicated. He had started this piece over twenty five years ago, and knew it wasn't going right..
"Can you sort this ..I know it's not quite right'
No problem.. And when the time came for to start on it, I didn't really know how much work, was correct in his setting out and carving.. Some was right, but the important part wasn't..