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Gfeller Trub Phone

"The King of Phones" I first came across these beautiful phones a few years ago, I bought one because it's wooden..

What better reason?..and it's still in use

I thought that I would put on here, what I have learnt about these beautiful phones. In one place as a reference for myself and for others. I have owned and cleaned up three of them so far, and got to know quite a bit about them. You can read other info about them elsewhere, but on here I want to talk about the phones as we see them

From what I have seen there are three species of timber used for making these, Cherry, Maple and Rosewood..and if you look at the boxes of some you can see the Cherry version, I have yet to see any of the other phones on the box. The timber blank is CNC cut, the insides are really well done, with holes drilled out, then inserts fixed for screw threads, and the quality is great.

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The keys are pressed metal, Gold anodized, over the plastic buttons

The handset…