Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Gfeller Trub Phone

"The King of Phones"

I first came across these beautiful phones a few years ago, I bought one because it's wooden..

What better reason?..and it's still in use

I thought that I would put on here, what I have learnt about these beautiful phones. In one place as a reference for myself and for others. I have owned and cleaned up three of them so far, and got to know quite a bit about them. You can read other info about them elsewhere, but on here I want to talk about the phones as we see them

From what I have seen there are three species of timber used for making these, Cherry, Maple and Rosewood..and if you look at the boxes of some you can see the Cherry version, I have yet to see any of the other phones on the box. The timber blank is CNC cut, the insides are really well done, with holes drilled out, then inserts fixed for screw threads, and the quality is great.

Click on picture to enlarge

The keys are pressed metal, Gold anodized, over the plastic buttons

The handset is from one blank piece, cut apart, each one hollowed out, then put back together using the same inserts as before, with brass screws, as seen. 

The cradle. The handset sits on two pieces of leather, that are recessed into the body of the phone. The center mounting piece is of plastic with a clear section in the middle for your telephone number to be written on the very small piece of card. The clear acrylic has to be removed to get to the card.

The hole by the bottom left hand rubber foot, houses the three way switch for the volume levels.
Notice the original stickers/ labels underneath.. the more stickers the better.
Please don't ever remove these, I'm making a note of the codes

If you get a really good one, the handset is made from the same style/type of grain.
The grain can vary a lot, The handset can match in grain and be similar to the body, but I've also seen wild grain with plain and straight grain

If you would like one of these phones, please contact me. I have a list of clients after them when they are available. 

Get on the waiting me with your details


One last point..

Please remember these phones come in different timbers, so the colour is different. They are 'Rosewood', Maple and Cherry. Some sellers don't know what they are selling and get the information cut and pasted off other websites..please be aware of this when buying online. The text will say one thing when the pictures tell the real story..  That's if they use their own photographs, and not 'stock photographs'... 

and yes I've had my fingers burn't..

All the best 


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