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One day workshops are now available..

I've been working on making a workshop that works for all skill levels. Not the easiest to sort out on paper but much easier to approach from the practical side. So now I'm offering the One day workshop for the complete novice, through to the amateur or semi professional woodworker who would like to improve some of their skills in one of the particular areas. Sharpening plane Iron and chiselSetting up the planeUsing the plane to prepare timberCutting the timber to jointjointing

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You can email me on or call me on 07801 289438

How long...

Nearly two years since I last posted anything on here.

The last couple of years have probably been the worst and yet the best so far in my workshop life. I can't really pin-point the time or when things started to go off in a direction that didn't suit me. But I found that something wasn't quite right. However, this year has been a real improvement.

And here's why.. Attitude

I've just gone for it, and every job has had more time spent on it despite budget, every piece is the next piece of promotion not only of what I can make, but also to promote the person or business involved.

There's a saying I used to hear when someone was doing top quality work.. 'like a job in the town' meaning that the work in the town was of a higher quality than that in the countryside. I've taken that and pushed it higher.. 'Like a job in the City' .. even better and then putting images on.


So much more than just another medium to natter on, I've met…