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Got my old Twitter page running again..I'll still be blogging, but the tweets will be more up to date.

Jamie Hubbard@jam73e

I've been tidying all of the building stuff away, can't imagine I'll see Clive this side of Christmas, he's got loads to get on with.

Still waiting for news on the workshop, I just can't see past this. I think it will be brilliant, to set up a workshop that will be able to handle my tools, carving, turning, joinery, restoration, polishing as well as driftwood, gardening tools, there is so much that I work, I hope I get it right.

all the best


Pumpkins and Patience...

Happy Halloween..

Lynn, the girls and I have spent the last few days in Wales, just the break that we needed.

Some trips to the beach, one of which we visited just after there had been a storm, so there was loads of driftwood, and some ended up in the car, well it was either that or burnt remains on the pebbled beach.

The other, when we got there, we carried a packet of doughnuts onto the sand and as they were handed around the girls, the heavens opened and we were all not sure whether to stop and eat the sugary snack or run back to the car to get out of the rain.

Good memories... made even better with some photographs taken on a new camera. The last one took a bump and the LCD screen cracked and caved in a bit. So Lynn has bought me the new Canon sx50hs, it is so clever and great to use. I have been taking a few hundred pictures over the last couple of weeks. I've now put the software onto the laptop and been trying to whittle them down to a sensible number.

The other thing tha…