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Big J..

'Mesmerizing' Like a moth to a flame..

Colour changing from Ice White to Warm White
A few weeks before Christmas 2013, the tenants of the workshops within the Ruskin Glass Centre had a meeting to discuss what decorations will be around the centre.. This was going to be my first Christmas with these guy's and I wanted to make a bit of a show.

But not just that..

My workshop is behind the Cafe, down a narrow corridor from the main thoroughfare, and because of this I know of, and have seen people walk around the centre and not come down the corridor towards my space.

What to do.?? I need to attract people into my workshop..

I've been collecting the Fentimans lemonade and Cola bottles from the Cafe recycling bin for a while and was just waiting for the right thing to make with these wonderful old style bottles.

The other thing is.. Do I just want to make some Christmas decorations, or should I make something that can stay there after everyone else has taken down theirs.