Friday, 3 May 2013

Accordion music book rest

A few weeks ago, on a Sunday I had two couples come into the workshop, Lovely people who enjoyed my work. One of the couples bought one of my pieces, which was the first piece sold from the new workshop.

The other couple came back a few weeks later and discussed them commissioning a piece.

This is about that piece, a stand similar to one I have in the gallery area.

This one was made for Lynn 15 years ago,
to fit our colour scheme and still looks fresh today.

So we discussed the timber, because they have a Cherry dining suite it wasn't hard to make that decision.  Then sizes, a bit wider 255 mm and the base part only has to hold slim books, so down to 25 mm. I put all this information onto the inside of a job card, how much I thought it would cost and their top line.

So the piece will be American Cherry, the hinged part in Cherry and I'll probably use some of my Ebony stock for the hinge pin.

After cutting the initial shape and marking out, I cut the holes out..
then grooved the back to take the stand

Here's the face, with holes cut, but not cut to height yet.
Next to it the stand part marked out ready to cut out the hinge.. 

The temporary hinge pin is a drill bit, fun cutting the hinge.. 
but getting it to stay to the correct angle takes a bit of time

I cut the angle before adding the step and front on, but I had to get the angle of the rear support and the face both working together..

Dry fitting the step and the front, note the rear support is fixed in place now..
and I did use Ebony for the pin..only because it was in my stock of small parts made

cleaning up the excess glue..

Completed after several coats of Oil..
Sitting on my surf board coffee table.

Rear view.. I like it in American Cherry

and a close up of that hinge..

I hope Carolyn enjoys it as much as did making it. Apologies for the quality of the last three pictures, I hadn't taken any of the stand before it was picked up, so had to rush to get some completed images..

Your comments are welcome.. on this and other work on this site.

All the best