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Eight One Mitre plane for sale...finished

So here it is..

Eight One

Chapter Eight, plane number one.

Small Mitre plane, measures in length 175mm (6 7/8") overall, the body is 153mm (6") and the width is 29mm (1. 1/8")

The blade is cast steel, from an old I & H Sorby iron, bought in an old second hand shop in Lye, 25 years ago, and you can clearly see the laminated harder steel onto the softer body. The blade has no markings but I have the rest of the blade showing the 'Golden Fleece' device just above the mark, with the Crown in the middle. It was made in Sheffield England between 1824 - 1881 by John Sorby and sons. I will add a photo of the rest of the blade later. The original plan was to extend the blade with the makers mark at the top, but, the plane is so comfortable, extending would have compromised the comfort.

The plane body was taken from a 14" tenon saw made by Taylor of London, I have used the ADVANCE logo, with the animal, hallo and flag in the centre of the back of the plane, with …

Another one of those days...

All of us have at some time or other, have wanted to come across a workshop that hasn't been used for a while. With all sorts of timber, well stacked out and tools..just loads of tools..

I got a call from Peter, an old family friend the other day

"Jamie," he says "are you still into all things wood"

"Of course", I say.

"Well I'm at this house, with a couple of outbuildings, Ebony, Ivory, Rosewood, tusks (some very old, others with certification) Chisels, tools, planes, wood everywhere...Do you want to come and have a look?

"Do I?"

The next morning I met up with Peter, and we went over together.

I was introduced to the lady of the house, her husband had died a number of years ago and he had some stuff in the well protected out buildings.

After the last lock was taken from the hasp and staple, the door was pushed open with the knack needed to get it open all the way and in we walked. As we walked into the main part, past shelving fu…

Mitre plane 81, the finishing post is within sight...

Latest update of the Eight One Mitre plane..

The blade has been sorted out by Robert, 3.5mm tapering down to 2mm at the back, he has done a tidy job of grinding it down and it looks great in the plane. Now the blade is back I fitted the front bun and the rear infill, using the temporary wedge and blade to ensure the infill is bonded into the correct position. After that had cured, I spent a few hours flatting the back of the blade. Using a diamond stone from 200 - 600 grit. Then onto Japanese water stones a 1200 grit to start with, then onto the 6000. The 6000 is a great stone, around 25 years old, the back of the blade has a mirror finish and very sharp.

The temporary wedge has been replaced with a new Boxwood wedge, then fitted between the blade and the bridge, but instead of being just flat up to the hollow before the top bead, I wanted to create more of a feature of this junction. This would in turn make the wedge easier to push in to the plane by having a larger radius. I think i…

Chest added to Boxes..

I've taken some new pictures of a chest I helped Stuart make, It was done on a weeekend for his wife Lesley. Made with old floor boards a couple of strap hinges and some rope..

Yesterday, for me, was one of the best days...

A little while ago, I was asked if I would like a stall at a local church hall, where there would be a table top sale to raise funds for the local dance group. Our four girls dance at the Stage Door Dance Academy and they are taking part in a show, at Her Majesty's Theatre in London, where dance groups will come together to perform for one night only, on a West End stage. What a wonderful opportunity.
We are all helping out to raise funds, to reduce the cost for each of the families, and to highlight locally this event. Stage Door have taken part in similar events, including dancing on stage and being in the parade at Disneyland Paris.

So  Lynn and I talked about what I could do, firstly, by buying a table I was contributing to the fund, but thereafter, what could I sell that would help Stage Door or myself. Lynn came up with the idea of having some of my work on display, showing people what I have made, but also showing what other pe…

Mitre Plane ..more than halfway now

So after going through the shed and my stock of timber from over the last twenty five years or so, collecting timber from all over, from timber suppliers, to friends cutting down trees in their back gardens, the timber for the small mitre plane is going to be Boxwood. I bought this and two others like it from Sandown Park in 1992. Really, this should be the only choice for this type of plane.

the label has the price of 90 pence on it..

I cut the parts needed, and just got on with making the front bun, I've gone for a shallow style with the bun being 'overstuffed', I love overstuffed planes, they are so much more work, but show the skills of the maker..

More detail will be added around the edges of this front bun.. The shape means that you can either have a finger on the back or front faces, or if two hands may be used, then you can place your thumb just behind the back of the border, I have tried it on the mock up and it feels really comfortable either way..

This is '…

Mitre plane continued and more bricks..

The plane is going really well. I only got a couple of hours on it yesterday due to finishing a trade counter off for my brother Stuart.

Stuart had used some new kitchen units to form the base of his trade counter. I think this is a great idea, and well done too. The only thing was that he had left the awkward corner unit until last, and the set up wasn't quite right, so the base part had to be scribed to fit. I had already made some corner posts from
3" x 3" grooved to take the 4mm laminated glass and they fitted pretty good. In all it went well and looks great, well done Stu. and thanks..

Back to the plane. I marked the dovetails from the body sitting in the correct position on the base, I just transferred them over. I checked and checked again that they were all in the right place before starting to cut the tails out of the gauge plate.

Plenty of instruction marked onto the base..

Great picture, as you can see the dovetails were cut by hand, all good fun..

Here is th…