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Before Christmas..

So I have a few jobs to do before Christmas, I'll be working on the house, and some orders.
I will be making another Olympic torch, this one is from scratch, with a more similar end shape to the real ones. I will show the build up on here, with the improved shaping and the improved method of manufacture.

The other thing that I would like to do, because I have the right type of timber around me, and two orders already. Is a number of Hobby Horses, these make the perfect Christmas present for little ones. If you haven't already seen the one I made for Ellie, then check it out in the carvings section. The one in the page is around ten years old, and they are much easier to stable than a real one, and take up less room than a rocking horse, but saying that I do have some drawings that I took from my little brothers old Victorian rocking horse, so that might be later, I really will need a fully equipped workshop for that one..

If your interested in purchasing one of the Hobby Horse…

Time eh...

So, it's been a while since my last posting and lots of things have been going on.

The Olympics were brilliant and the torch I had made went down a treat. So much interest that you would not believe. Enquiries from event company's, sponsors, the press and people wanting one made, especially younger ones.

I've yet to make a stand for the school, to hold their torch, I'll probably make it in the school when Lynn is there. Out of the plastics they use in Design Technology and using their equipment, again this only goes to show the students what can be made in the schools workshops.

The garden room is moving forward, but I'm spending more time building the house up, as Clive is on other jobs and I want to keep the building going forward. Like today, I'm waiting for Chris to come and trim Snowy, she's due around 10am. So I got out there early, mixed up some mortar, got three blocks on top a wall done, that finished that job off, I would have finished it the othe…